Get to Know CRM

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

20 Jun 2023

Smartcitizen, have you ever passed a pothole or found trash scattered on the side of the road? These things are certainly disturbing and uncomfortable, even potholes can be dangerous for road users. In addition, unorganized garbage also reduces the beauty of the city. For example, during 2022, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government received 15,056 reports about roads and 5,369 reports about garbage. In addition to these problems, as a city Jakarta also has other problems, ranging from social problems, facilities to disturbance of the peace. These reports come from a variety of existing complaint channels.

In solving the city’s problems, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government cannot be alone. So it needs the participation of various parties, one form of participation is through community reporting from complaint channels that have been integrated through Cepat Respon Masyarakat (CRM) system. What is CRM and what are its advantages? Let’s get to know more through this article!

What is CRM?


The first step to getting to know is to understand what CRM is. Cepat Respon Masyarakat (CRM) is the Jakarta Provincial Government’s flagship system since 2017 to accelerate the process of following up on complaints of problems in the capital city.


13 Kanal Pengaduan

This system integrates all 13 complaint channels that the city has, namely:

  1. JAKI
  2. Twitter @dkijakarta
  3. Facebook DKI Jakarta Provincial Government
  4. Email
  5. Governor’s Personal Social Media
  6. WhatsApp 08111272206
  7. City Hall Hall
  8. Inspectorate Office
  9. Mayor’s Office
  10. Sub-district Office
  11. Head of Sub-District Office
  12. Public Aspiration Mass Media
  13. LAPOR 1708

By integrating all official complaint channels, complaints can be handled more responsively, effectively and efficiently.

CRM Functions


As a form of implementation of public service complaint management and achieving the vision of good governance, it is necessary to integrate the public service complaint management system in one door.

Before the existence of CRM, public service complaints in Jakarta were divided into geotagging and non-geotagging channels that were not yet integrated with each other. Cepat Respon Masyarakat (CRM) system became a mainstay to deal with various problems in Jakarta. Through DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation №128 of 2017, it becomes the basis for the mandatory use of CRM in every Regional Work Unit (SKPD) in Jakarta and integrates all Pemprov complaint channels in the form of geotagging and non-geotagging.

Through the CRM system, the quality of public services, especially handling city problems, can be handled better.

CRM Advantages


Various developments continue to be carried out to improve the quality of service and settlement of public complaints. Starting with the categorization of reports so that the follow-up of reports can be in accordance with their respective authorities in 2018, until the upgrade of the CRM Officer Version 2 application in 2021.

Through the CRM system, the process becomes an important part. Therefore, the acceleration and direction of the appropriate follow-up of reports is integral for each Regional Work Unit (SKPD) in handling public reports. Making Regional Performance Allowance (TKD) calculations on the results of report follow-up is one of the steps to improve the quality of these services.

The adjustment of complaint channels, which are now 13 and integrated, is one of the sources for the community to report various problems easily. This is because people can choose where to report according to their needs.

Monitoring report follow-up can also be done easily through the CRM website and JakRespons feature in JAKI. Not only that, the results of the officer’s follow-up also go through a monitoring and verification process by the DKI Jakarta Regional Secretariat Government Bureau so that the report can be resolved properly and accordingly.

Sebelum Laporan CRM
Sesudah Laporan CRM

Here’s how your complaint looks before and after reporting through one of the CRM integrated channels. How about it, are you interested in reporting problems around you?

CRM Dashboard

In addition to monitoring follow-ups, the CRM website also features a Dashboard Report. This Dashboard appearance consists of daily and monthly report data regarding the number of incoming reports, from what channels and which categories. That way, incoming reports and handling become more transparent.

The CRM system in the future will continue to be developed according to the needs of the community. Not only on the appearance and features of the website, but also on the appearance and features of the Officer CRM application so that the handling of complaints can be more precise and fast.

Well, that’s the Cepat Respon Masyarakat (CRM) system owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, isn’t it cool? You can also help make Jakarta better by reporting any problems you encounter in Jakarta through JakLapor or 12 other complaint channels. Also follow JSC’s social media to get other interesting info and tips.


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