Future City Hub: The Collaboration Fruits of Berlin and Jakarta

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

15 Sep 2023

Berlin is like the yin to Jakarta’s yang. Both cities have been sister cities for more than 25 years, starting in 1994. Joining forces in the Smart Change project, Berlin and Jakarta try to address challenges in times of rapid urbanisation, digitalisation, and increasing awareness for sustainable development. To promote urban innovation in a tangible way, Berlin and Jakarta are collaborating to create Future City Hub as an innovation hub. This hub is officially a part of Jakarta Smart City and located in the heart of Jakarta. 


Jakarta-Berlin Cooperation Day at Future City Hub  Photo by Arya Wirawan Maulana/Jakarta Smart Cirty

Jakarta-Berlin Cooperation Day at Future City Hub

Photo by Arya Wirawan Maulana/Jakarta Smart Cirty



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Future City Hub is an initiative made possible by Smart Change as an European Union-funded project. They are aiming to show great potential to become more sustainable areas in Southeast Asia, as it is also crucial to develop into important partners for European cities. This is allowing entrepreneurs to collaborate closely with government officials and citizens, fostering networking amongst stakeholders. Everyone in Future City Hub aims the same thing: to address urban challenges and improve governance capabilities in smart cities. On 6–8 September 2023, Future City Hub got to showcase the collaboration fruits of Berlin and Jakarta, involving numerous participants. Below is how the enriching events went.

Jakarta Digital Outlook

The Jakarta Provincial Government has taken proactive steps to tackle forthcoming challenges.  Three pivotal issues are encapsulated in a policy brief:

  1. Alleviating the Risk of Submergence in Jakarta;

  1. Strengthening Environmental Resilience to Foster a Cooler Jakarta; and

  1. Advancing Jakarta's Evolution into a Global Metropolis.

To discuss this matter, Jakarta Digital Outlook was held on 6 September 2023, at Future City Hub. 


Diskusi Panel: Jakarta Digital Outlook di Future City Hub

Panel Discussion: Jakarta Digital Outlook at Future City Hub

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City

The discussion panel brought together various stakeholders in a cooperative discussion: Jakarta's provincial authorities from urban planning, environment, transportation, and revenue sectors. It also encompassed representatives from the City Governments of Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, and Surakarta. Additionally, city infrastructure experts from PT MRT Jakarta, PT Transportasi Jakarta, and PT Jakarta Propertindo contributed their insights.

Yudhistira Nugraha was able to share his awareness about the future of Jakarta. As  the Director of Jakarta Smart City, he presented his insights called Smart Cities and Digital Transformation: Empowering Communities and Sustainable Development. 

Science and technology is always needed to transform Jakarta as a smart city. By implementing the Smart System Model, there is a sense of collecting raw data or information. After that, the government needs an understanding to perform further analytical processes. In the end, the government has to do the solution deployment and continuous monitoring to serve the citizens.

Yudhistira Nugraha menyajikan presentasinya di Future City Hub

Presentation of Yudhistira Nugraha at Future City Hub

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City

In regard to being a smart city, Jakarta develops its super-app called JAKI(Jakarta Kini). Made to serve and protect the citizens, all city problems faced can be reported instantly through it. Then, how does Jakarta develop the smart city ecosystem to maintain its sustainability? This is why Future City Hub was created as an urban innovation space. Located in Central Jakarta, it is accessible for everyone who intends to create high quality life in the city.
"One of the goals of this innovation hub is to bring together problem owners and problem solvers," Yudhistira said regarding the description of the Future City Hub.


Para peserta  yang antusias di Future City Hub. Ready, set, smile!
Enthusiastic participants at Future City Hub. Ready, set, smile!

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City


Jakarta-Berlin Cooperation Day

The first day of the event set the stage by offering valuable insights. Just when everyone thought it was mesmerising, the second day happened to be even more captivating. Berlin-Jakarta Cooperation Day was held on 7 September 2023, disseminating the Smart Change project's achievements. As a unique collaboration between Jakarta, Berlin, and Bangkok, Smart Change aims to advance good governance and sustainable urban development, aligned with the 2023 Agenda. 


Diskusi Panel tentang Future City Hub sebagai ruang inovasi perkotaan

Panel Discussion about Future City Hub as an urban innovation space

Photo: Ahmad Baihaki/Jakarta Smart City


Franziska Giffey, the Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises, was present to witness the hub. Along with Dr Sri Haryati as the Jakarta representative, she signed the Joint Declaration on Innovation & Technology between Jakarta-Berlin.


Franziska Giffey (kiri) dan Dr. Sri Haryati (kanan) menandatangani Deklarasi Bersama   tentang Inovasi dan Teknologi antara Jakarta-Berlin

Franziska Giffey (left) and Dr Sri Haryati (right) signing the Joint Declaration on Innovation & Technology between Jakarta-Berlin

Photo by Ahmad Baihaki/Jakarta Smart City

“I hope that we’ll have a lot of young people who get here to support and advise. It should be a place where new ideas—not only are born—but become reality in operational business world,” Franziska voiced her thoughts about Future City Hub. She thinks it is important for Jakarta and Berlin to tackle the challenges in the future, as the youngsters deserve social justice. Through Jakarta Smart City, Future City Hub lets activists, entrepreneurs, and communities empower their aspirations.

Franziska Giffey (kiri) dan Yudhistira Nugraha (kanan) menyambut peserta   di Future City Hub. Nice to meet you!

Franziska Giffey (left) and Yudhistira Nugraha (right) welcoming the participants at Future City Hub. Nice to meet you!

Photo by Ahmad Baihaki/Jakarta Smart City

Business Matchmaking

Great minds should always collide. To wrap up the series of events, Business Matchmaking was held on 8 September 2023. The event was meant to inspire building a prosperous and safe city. A range of Penta Helix stakeholders participated, including government bodies (Regional Development Planning Agency of Jakarta Province, Jakarta Province Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office, Jakarta Province Investment and Integrated Services Agency), urban planning units, innovation facilitators, and tech initiatives.

Business Matchmaking di Future City Hub

Business Matchmaking at Future City Hub

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City


The discussion session broke down into three groups. That day, each group pitched their ideas: 

  1. Developing a Collaborative Effort for the Future of Jakarta Global City

This group voiced their belief in building the Wonderful Jakarta campaign. The government with private and global partners could raise awareness about Indonesian culture and products, so Jakarta could be known as a global city.

  1. Jakarta Sejuk

What are the aspects that could make Jakarta refreshing? This group had an idea of the Jakarta Environmental Platform development. The platform could be in the form of a mobile application, involving waste management, the higher usage of public transport, data collection on urban farming buildings, and CO2 sensors.

  1. Mitigating the Threat of Submergence in Jakarta

Submergence is one of the threats that Jakarta would face. That is why the group presented their idea, regarding its mitigation through Special Task Force formation. They could be expected to create a Dashboard Monitoring System on Water Use and Regional Development Programs.


Peserta Business Matchmaking di Future City Hub

Participants of Business Matchmaking at Future City Hub

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City


It was truly impressive to hear the creativity poured into everyone’s presentations. Jakartans’ passions in creating innovations for the city should be heard and implemented. Hopefully, these ideas will lead to the embodiment of Jakarta’s problem solvers.

Future City Hub stands as a beacon of hope and progress. The success of the Berlin-Jakarta collaboration is just a glimpse of what the future holds. With unwavering dedication and the support of all stakeholders, we are ready to create a world where the city reflects our dreams and aspirations. Please monitor Jakarta Smart City social media for the latest information about the Future City Hub. Let’s all support it! Also, go follow Jakarta Smart Citysocial media for the latest information about the Future City Hub.


Orang-orang di balik Future City Hub

Minds behind the Future City Hub events

Photo by Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City

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