21 Jul 2022

Recap of The Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2022

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

21 Jul 2022

Jakarta Fair Kemayoran was officially closed last July 17 after being held for 39 days since June 8, 2022. During the largest, most comprehensive, and longest exhibition in Southeast Asia, there were many fun activities and various booths to visit. Haven't visited yet? Now worries, read this article to find out interesting things during the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2022 performance.

Jakarta Fair 2022: Being Held in The Midst of a Pandemic

Before delving into the activities during the Jakarta Fair, it's a good idea to throw back to before the exhibition is held. Why was the Jakarta Fair held again this year after two years of absence due to the pandemic? Jakarta Smart City had the opportunity to chat with Roy Kumar from the JiExpo Media Center regarding this matter. He revealed that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Jakarta Fair committee had prepared for this event. "The Jakarta Fair was indeed absent in 2020 and 2021, but actually, at that time we were continuing our assessment so that we could obtain permits from various parties, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, and the Covid-19 Task Force, for example," said Roy.

It was only at the end of March 2022 that the committee received a permit and was ready to present the Jakarta Fair again for residents. Preparations are made as possible. Visitors, tenants, and officers are required to scan the PeduliLindungi barcode and wear masks. Hand sanitizer and hand wash are also provided outside and inside JiExpo. The Covid-19 Task Force is also on standby to remind visitors to keep wearing masks and keep their distance if they were in a crowd.

Carrying the concept of Forward Indonesian Products for Domestic and World Markets, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran aims to revive the local economy post-pandemic. Not only empowering 2,500 tenants which 30% of them are MSMEs and micro small businesses, but this event is also a job opportunity for tens of thousands of Jakartans.

Most Interesting Activities & The Day with Most Visitors

Every day, the Jakarta Fair always presents entertainment for visitors, ranging from barongsai performances, carnival parades, Betawi culture, and others. Visitors can also walk around the venue and shop for various products at the booth. There were also vaccination sites that you can visit if you want to get vaccinated while strolling around the Jakarta Fair. The Jakarta Fair area is also divided based on the type of activity. Activities with family, for example, there is a section that provides rides for children's games or instagrammable spots specifically for young people. On some important days, special events are also held, such as fireworks. Visitors can only enjoy these fireworks on the opening night of the Jakarta Fair, the night of Jakarta Anniversary, and the closing night of the Jakarta Fair.

Meanwhile, the main stage of the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran was also filled with various big events, such as music concerts, talk shows from various Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) or government units such as Jakarta Smart City, the Grand Final of Miss Jakarta Fair, to the announcement of the winners of the Grand Prize in the form of 32 units. motorbike and 3 cars.

However, among the series of activities, vaccinations and music concerts are still the two top activities that attract visitors’ attention.

Covid-19 Vaccination

There were six vaccination locations scattered throughout the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran venue. What is different from getting your shot at the Jakarta Fair is that visitors can get vouchers or gifts after being vaccinated. This indeed became a special attraction for the visitors and has succeeded in helping government programs related to vaccination acceleration as an effort to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Music concert

Music concerts are also other activities that are most eagerly awaited, since the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran has a line up of famous musicians from all genres of music. Every day, for a whole month, different bands or soloists will perform to entertain visitors. Call it Noah, Maliq D'Essentials, to Slank. There is one thing that is slightly different at the Jakarta Fair music concert this year. It was carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, so the committee limited the capacity of the music concert audience to 10,000 people by dividing the line between the west and east wings. Even so, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the public to watch. Evidently, around D-7 or D-5 of the concerts, tickets were sold out, so the committee could only provide additional tickets on the spot.

With such diverse and endless entertainment, the Jakarta Fair was able to attract many people to visit. Until the last day, the number of visitors reached its peak, which was 6.9 million people. The total value of transactions also penetrated the figure of Rp. 7.3 trillion.

Various Booths and Activations at the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Pavilion

During this year’s Jakarta Fair, the Jakarta Provincial Government Pavilion is back to enliven the event. At this pavilion, visitors can find many booths of Regional Apparatus Work Units (SKPD) or Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD), to partners of the Jakarta Provincial Government. The SKPD/OPD that were joining were the Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA) and the DKI Jakarta City Parks and Forests Service. BUMD that were joining such as Perumda Pasar Jaya, PT. Bank DKI, and others. Meanwhile, Grab Indonesia also enlivened the event with its trademark green booth as a partner. In each of these booths, there were activations you can participate in. For example, at the Bank DKI Jakarta booth, you will be invited to make digital transactions using JakOne Pay. Starting from scanning QRIS to make payments to other electronic money activities.

Getting to Know the Smart City Ecosystem at the Jakarta Smart City Booth

Meanwhile, at the Jakarta Smart City booth, you can explore and know more about JSC and the implementation of the smart city ecosystem in Jakarta. There were many activities that visitors can do at the JSC booth, such as the Bidadari Island virtual tour as part of the Digital Nomad Island program that is being worked on by JSC. In addition, there was a corner in the booth that displayed the achievements of Jakarta Smart City in ITU WSIS Prizes 2022, IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards 2022, ASEAN ICT Awards 2021, and others. Visitors can also buy JSC merchandise, such as JAKI t-shirts and vests, as well as lanyards.

JSC Fun Learning Program and Classes with the Most Participants

Not only promoting its programs and products, Jakarta Smart City also seeks to provide insight to the public regarding digital transformation from simple things. This is in line with one of the pillars of a smart city, smart people. This effort is realized by holding a free Fun Learning program, which is a program to learn skills that are much needed in the digital era. The Fun Learning event is aimed at children with the hope that the younger generation in Jakarta will be able to recognize and hone technology-based skills from an early age. The themes of the classes taught are varied and very up-to-date, such as illustration classes, copywriting, blog writing, coding, and data science. Interesting, right? Classes took place during July 8-10 and July 15-17 2022. To take part in these classes, visitors only need to come to the JSC booth and be directly taught by experienced mentors of their own fields. At the end of the class, visitors could also ask questions about the topics being taught. Alternatively, this class could also be taken online. Of the many classes provided, the Illustration for Beginners class had the most participants. Meanwhile, until the Jakarta Fair was closed last July 17, it was recorded that 382 people who came to the Jakarta Fair visited the Jakarta Smart City booth.

Easy Access to Jakarta Fair Kemayoran

Access is usually a challenge in almost every big event. To anticipate this, from a long time ago, the Jakarta Fair committee has coordinated with various parties in order to minimize the occurrence of buildup when vehicles enter the parking area. One of the successful collaborations was to open a special Transjakarta route to and from the Jakarta Fair for 39 days of the exhibition. The routes to JiExpo are as follows:

  • Monas - JiExpo Kemayoran;
  • PGC 1 - JiExpo Kemayoran;
  • Kampung Melayu - JiExpo Kemayoran;
  • Pulo Gadung 1 - JiExpo Kemayoran.

The committee also reminded residents who want to visit the Jakarta Fair to use public transportation for convenience and mutual comfort.

Jakarta Fair: Expectations and Projections to excel on the International Stage

Seeing the public's enthusiasm for this year's event, the Jakarta Fair can be considered successful in presenting the largest, most comprehensive, and longest exhibition. Then, what are the hopes for the years to come? Closing the interview, Roy said, “As the committee, we really appreciate the enthusiasm of the community and their efforts to obey health protocols amidst a huge enthusiasm. Hopefully, the good things we’ve accomplished can be maintained in the following years, or even get better in all aspects." Amen. Hopefully in the years to come, we can still enjoy the Jakarta Fair, just in a better condition. 

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