Cepat Respons Masyarakat: 2022 Year in Review

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

17 Jan 2023

Hello Smartcitizen, have you dreamed of solving all the problems in Jakarta? Relax, it’s not just a dream. Since 2016, the Jakarta Provincial Government has been trying to make it happen through the Rapid Community Response (CRM) system. This system is an integration of 13 complaint channels owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government which aims to follow up on citizen reports more efficiently. Citizen reports that come from 13 complaint channels will enter through the CRM system which is then processed by the relevant Regional Apparatus Office or Organization (OPD), until now 930,246 reports have been followed up through CRM (Data as of 2017–16 January 2023).

Based on this, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government realizes the important role of CRM, so the development of the system is continuously carried out. What are the developments and journeys of CRM in the past year? Let’s find out in this article.

CRM site update

The CRM integration system is in the form of mobile applications and websites used by DKI Jakarta Provincial Government officers to follow up on reports. In addition to being used by officers, you as a reporting community can also monitor the progress of the report through the CRM website. It’s easy, just enter the report number and you can track the progress of your report.

Prioritizing efficiency, the CRM website is now more attractive and informative. You can not only check reports but also learn more about the reporting system. Find out about the history, legal basis and available complaint channels. You can also check the number of incoming report data along with the follow-up of its completion on a daily, monthly or per neighborhood basis.

That’s comprehensive enough, right? Checking reports is more fun with interesting displays and info!

Adjustment of complaint channel

Adjustment of complaint channel In terms of increasing the effectiveness of public complaint services, the complaint channels owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government continue to try to adjust to the needs. In recent years there have been adjustments in the number of complaint channels, from 2019 which amounted to 12 complaint channels and now to 13 official complaint channels based on the latest Regional Secretary Decree.

The hope is that the adjustment of the complaint channels can reach and facilitate the community in reporting various kinds of city problems.

CRM in numbers

Transparency is one of the principles applied by CRM. Therefore, it is interesting to see the data on CRM achievements in the past year. This is necessary so that the public can know and understand what problems are most frequently reported and how the report handling process is.

Throughout 2022 (as of January 1-December 31, 2022), the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has completed 122,183 reports with a completion percentage of 98.1% or 119,814 reports have been completed from the total number of reporters reaching 30,322.

In making a report, there are many category options based on the report you make. Categories will help officers in handling and analyzing trends in problems and reports that often occur. Last year, there were 5 categories that received the most reports. Roads became the most reported category with 15,056 reports, followed by the category of Disturbance of Peace and Order (13,337 reports), the category of Trees (10,799), the category of Social Facilities / Public Facilities (8,580 reports).

Of the 13 complaint channels that have been integrated with each other, which channel do most of the reports come from? There are 5 out of 13 complaint channels that are the mainstay of citizens in reporting city problems. The super capital city application JAKI is the mainstay of citizens in reporting with 111,133 reports from 27,072 reporters. This was followed by Twitter @dkijakarta (4,657 reports), email dki@jakarta.go.id (3,174 reports), City Hall Hall Hall (955 reports), and LAPOR 1708 (907).

Regarding the trend in the number of reports, in general it fluctuates with January being the month with the highest number of reports received reaching 11,994 reports which then decreased until the middle of the month with the least reports in May totaling 8,326 reports and experiencing an increase again towards the end of the year.

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