13 May 2022

How to Register for DTKS in Jakarta


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

13 May 2022

Did you know that DKI Jakarta is now opening DTKS registration? This is the Integrated Social Welfare Data which is one of the reference data for the provision of social assistance to fulfill the basic needs of citizens. The social assistance in question can be sourced from the regional or central government’s budget. So, this data is very important so that social assistance in Jakarta can be distributed properly and on target.

If you are an underprivileged citizen in DKI Jakarta or you know people around you who really need it. You can register yourself or the people around you so that they are recorded at DTKS and later will receive social assistance. DTKS registration for 2022 phase II is now being opened on 9–28 May 2022.

Non-Proposable Household

Residents who can be proposed for DTKS are residents of DKI Jakarta that are classified as underprivileged. In order for the social assistance that will be distributed to be right on target, there are several household requirements that cannot be proposed at DTKS, namely:

  1. Residents with non-Jakarta ID cards
  2. Not domiciled in DKI Jakarta
  3. There are household members who are permanent employees of BUMN/PNS/TNI/POLRI/DPR/DPRD members
  4. Household owns a car
  5. Households own land/land and buildings (with NJOP above IDR 1 billion rupiah)
  6. The main source of water used by households for drinking is branded bottled water (Not including refilled water)
  7. Not considered poor by the local community.

How to Register DTKS Jakarta

Here are the steps to register for DTKS Jakarta:

  1. Open https://dtks.jakarta.go.id/

  1. Create a new account (for those who do not have an account)
  2. Login using the account that has been created.
  3. Select the Registration menu
  4. Enter personal data, family members and household information into the system
  5. Send

One registered account can be used to register multiple families. So you can help families around you to register themselves. In addition, if you experience problems when registering online, you can also come to the Kelurahan office according to your domicile by bringing a photocopy of your ID card and family card.

DTKS Jakarta Registration Stages

Until the DTKS is determined later, there are stages that must be passed beforehand. The following are the stages of DTKS registration:

  1. Socialization
  2. Registration
  3. Data Processing 1
  4. Data Matching with the Department of Population and Civil Registration
  5. Data Matching with Regional Revenue Agency
  6. Data Processing 2
  7. Village meeting
  8. Data Processing 3
  9. Fixed Goal List Setting
  10. SIKS-NG In-App Input
  11. Determination of DTKS by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs

To Spread Social Assistance Equitable

The opening of the DTKS registration is the right time for you to take part in the distribution of social assistance that is right on target. The trick is to share this DTKS-related information with those around you who need it. Let’s invite people around us to register. You can also follow the Instagram and Twitter accounts of @DKIJakarta and @jsclab for various other information about Jakarta.

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