02 Jan 2023

Tips for Reporting via Face-to-Face Channel

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

02 Jan 2023

In dealing with various city problems, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government cannot do it alone and needs public participation. Therefore, the government feels the need to innovate to fulfill its needs. Based on the Decree of the Regional Secretary №99 of 2022, the innovation is in the form of 13 complaint channels that make it easy for people to report various kinds of city problems. The face-to-face channel is one category that contains five complaint channels consisting of the Kelurahan office, Sub-district office, Mayor’s office, Inspectorate office, and City Hall. It is provided for those of you who want to meet directly with officers or have difficulty accessing other channels. Still confused about what to prepare when you want to report at one of the face-to-face channels? Let’s see and note the following things!

Time and Accessibility


Tips for Reporting via Face-to-face Channel

To meet officers in some of these places, you must know the location and operating hours. So make sure to not get too excited but it turns out that you are in the wrong location or even the office has been closed. Well, you have to pay attention to the schedule if you want to come to the Kelurahan office to the Mayor closest to you, it is open from Monday to Friday from 08.00–16.00 WIB and for the City Hall Hall every Monday to Friday from 07.30–09.30 WIB.

Regarding access, you can use private vehicles and public transportation. It is recommended that you use public transportation because there are several options such as TransJakarta Buses and Commuter Line KRLs that you can use to come to City Hall, the routes are quite diverse:

  1. Take Transjakarta transit at Harmoni Stop and continue with Corridor 2/7F /1A/5C and get off at City Hall Stop.

  1. Take the KRL to Jakarta Kota Station and get off at Gondangdia Station, continue on foot, or take Transjakarta Corridor 2Q and get off at City Hall Stop.

You can also check the schedule via the JakLingko feature on the JAKI App. Pretty easy, right? Besides being environmentally friendly, taking public transportation also makes you healthy and can be healing for a moment by enjoying the scenery around you!


Tips for Reporting via Face-to-face Channel

Supporting Documents


Tips for Reporting via Face-to-face Channel

To make it easier for officers to handle your report, prepare supporting files or evidence of the submitted report so that the appropriate handling can be carried out by the relevant officers.

Supporting files or documents can take various forms and are tailored to the problem at hand, for example, if you want to report on land dispute issues, you can prepare evidence in the form of a land certificate that you have so that it illustrates the officer that you are the legal owner of the land and the officer will continue the process to the relevant Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD).

So, don’t forget to prepare and bring your supporting files or documents!

Problem Notes


Tips for Reporting via Face-to-face Channel

Are you a forgetful person? As a human being, one of the things that is most often experienced is forgetting. This is normal and the causes vary, it could be because we have a lot of things to do or lack of focus so we forget about other things.

Although it is normal, it also cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it so that it does not become an ongoing thing and cause prolonged side effects.

Especially in reporting problems, sometimes the problems faced are quite complicated and make it difficult to remember or even explain to officers. This is where you need to make a note of the problem, just with a piece of paper or sticky notes then you can make any problem points that you will convey when meeting with the officer later.

With these notes, your explanation of the problem at hand becomes easier and more organized. From the officer’s side, this also has a positive impact because it can more easily help understand the problems you face.

Have you imagined the benefits? Let’s prepare a small note before meeting the officer!

Small bag/Tote Bag

Tips for Reporting via Face-to-face Channel

To come directly to meet officers and do activities outside the room, there are several things that need to be prepared like the tips above. Some things such as supporting documents or files that are important things must be kept so that they are not damaged, dirty, or lost.

It will be a hassle if you carry your files or items without using a bag. Therefore, a small bag or Tote bag is needed to make it easier for you to carry the items needed.

A small bag/Tote Bag is a suitable choice compared to using a plastic bag because it suits the needs of the items you carry and does not interfere much with your mobility because of its flexible size so that it is still enough to be carried using one hand. Your supporting files or notes can be included in this small bag so that when you meet the officer, just remove it from your bag.

In addition to making it easier to carry the items you need, small bags / Tote Bags also help support environmentally friendly programs because they avoid the use of plastic waste. Its simple shape or various designs are also a special attraction that is easy to store anywhere and makes you look more fashionable.

By carrying a small bag / Tote Bag, carrying items to report problems with officers becomes smoother and easier, while also contributing to protecting the environment!


So, here are tips for you to report in the Face-to-Face complaint channel. Want to know or request other tips? Keep up with Jakarta Smart City through Instagram social media and the JAKI App! Can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Whatever city problems you encounter, let’s make Jakarta better by reporting through official complaint channels that are integrated with each other!

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