25 Mar 2024

Places for Takjil Hunting in Jakarta

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

25 Mar 2024

Smartcitizen, do you enjoy hunting for takjil in Jakarta? Takjil originates from Arabic, meaning "to hasten." However, the term takjil is used to refer to snacks consumed immediately after breaking the fast. In Jakarta, takjil can usually be found in traditional markets, street vendors, pastry shops, eateries, restaurants, and even mosques. So, for those of you who want to hunt for takjil in Jakarta, here are some places you can explore.

Rawamangun Takjil Market

Are you a resident of East Jakarta? Rawamangun Takjil Market could be the place for you to hunt for takjil in Jakarta. If you enjoy breaking your fast with sweet takjil , you can try various types of kolak such as banana kolak, sweet potato kolak, or fruit ice sold here. Craving for something savory? There are snacks like rolled pancakes that can bring back memories of school days. For those accustomed to having heavy meals for breaking the fast, Rawamangun Takjil Market also sells rice with side dishes. The diverse options make this market always crowded with Jakarta residents every Ramadan.

The market is located on Pinang Raya Street, Rawamangun, Pulo Gadung. You can visit the market starting from its opening hours at 3:00 PM. Want to take public transportation to Rawamangun Takjil Market? You can use Transjakarta Corridor 4 to Rawamangun. Get off at Rawamangun Terminal and walk to this market.

Tebet Station

Public transportation users who have to commute every day might find it difficult to find takjil if they have to break their fast on the road. But not if you pass through Tebet Station! Around Tebet Station, there are several food and beverage stalls where you can buy their goods as takjil. Want a light takjil ? There are fried snacks, and fish cakes that you can taste.

However, if you're already craving a heavy meal, you also don't need to worry because Tebet area is famous for its numerous restaurants and cafes. You can try dining places around Tebet Station like Soto Kudu Ayam Kampung Garuda 2, Sate Kikil Kang Duloh, or Kobain Coffee. Don't want a heavy meal or fried snacks? There are many minimarkets you can visit just to buy drinking water or light snacks as takjil.

Benhil Market

Located on Bendungan Hilir Street 3, precisely in front of the Metro Tanah Abang Police Sub-precinct office, Benhil Takjil Market is a center for selling takjil that becomes a favorite of Jakarta residents every year. It's not surprising, as various takjil ranging from foods like gudeg, chicken rice, and fried snacks, to drinks like fruit ice, coconut ice, cendol ice, and green banana ice are available. The prices for takjil are also very affordable, starting from Rp5,000 only.

This takjil market opens at 2:00 PM. Taking public transportation? No need to worry, access to and from Benhil Takjil Market via public transport is easy. If using Transjakarta, you can take the Corridor 1 bus from Blok M to Jakarta Kota. Get off at Bendungan Hilir Transjakarta stop. After that, you can walk to Benhil Takjil Market about approximately 290 meters away.

If taking the MRT, get off at Bendungan Hilir MRT Station. You can continue your journey by motorcycle taxi to Benhil Market around 2.6 kilometers away. Meanwhile, if taking the KRL, you can take the train that stops at Palmerah Station. Get off there, then continue your journey by motorcycle taxi for about 7.4 kilometers.

Sunda Kelapa Mosque

Not only markets, but mosques are also one of the places with the most customers hunting for takjil in Jakarta. One example is Sunda Kelapa Mosque in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Around the mosque, you can find takjil vendors offering various types, such as traditional cakes, Betawi specialties, to heavy meals.

However, you don't need to worry about getting confused when looking for the desired takjil. The distribution of takjil vendors at Sunda Kelapa Mosque is divided into two locations to facilitate sellers and customers. On the left side of the mosque, most vendors sell heavy meals. While on the right side of the mosque, there are more light takjil options. .

Considering the location of the takjil bazaar around Sunda Kelapa Mosque, hunting for takjil here becomes easier because you can directly perform Maghrib and Tarawih prayers after breaking your fast. For those of you who want to visit using public transportation, the nearest Transjakarta stop from Sunda Kelapa Mosque is Taman Suropati stop located in front of it. Therefore, you can take Transjakarta buses passing through Taman Suropati stop, such as 4C (Bundaran Senayan-TU Gas) from Gelora Bung Karno stop, Polda stop, Bendungan Hilir stop, or Tosari stop.

Cut Meutia Mosque

Cut Meutia Mosque located in Menteng, Central Jakarta, is one of the heavily visited mosques during Ramadan due to the takjil sold around it. This mosque is known to provide free iftar programs, but the surrounding area is still filled with stalls selling iftar takjil. Various snacks like fruit ice, cimol, and cireng are available in the mosque area. During Ramadan, the takjil stall area of Cut Meutia Mosque is open from 2:00 PM and already crowded with visitors by 3:00 PM.

For those of you using public transportation, take KRL and get off at Gondangdia Station. Cut Meutia Mosque is only 120 meters from the station so you can continue your journey on foot. If using Transjakarta, you can take route 2P buses (Terminal Senen-Gondangdia Station) and get off at BRI Cut Meutia stop, take 2Q (Gondangdia-Balai Kota) then get off at Masjid Cut Meutia 1 stop, or take 6H (Senen-Lebak Bulus) and get off at Cut Meutia stop.

JAKI Makes Iftar Hunting in Jakarta Easier

To facilitate your journey in hunting for iftar takjil in Jakarta, Smartcitizen can use the JAKI app! In addition to the locations of iftar stalls mentioned above, you can for eateries or restaurants to break your fast through JAKI. Here's how: select the Map feature, and click on the Restaurant category. Then, a map of Jakarta will appear with points indicating the locations of eateries or restaurants. There will also be descriptions of the restaurant names along with their coordinates. You can also find out about eateries or restaurants in a specific area or nearby by typing the location in the search bar.

For those of you who want to find a mosque to worship after buying takjil or having iftar,  you can also use the Map feature. The steps are similar, but you need to select the Worship House category at the beginning. In addition to the Map feature, there is also the Public Transport feature in JAKI that you can use to check the schedule, routes, and fares of MRT, LRT, Transjakarta, and Mikrotrans if you're using public transportation to shop for takjil.

Those were some places to hunt for takjil in Jakarta that can be your reference. Hope the places and JAKI feature recommendations help. Don't have the JAKI app yet? Download it first on Google Play Storeor Apple App Store, for free!

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