05 Apr 2024

Celebrate Eid Made Easier with JAKI

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

05 Apr 2024

It's hard to believe that Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijri is just around the corner. How are your preparations for Eid, Smartcitizen? To make preparing for and celebrating Eid easier, you can use several features in the JAKI application. Want to know what the features are and how they can make your Eid easier? Read the article until the end.

Groceries Prices: Cooking for Eid More Economically

Eid doesn't feel complete without a big meal with family. Whether it's opor ayam, beef rendang, or jackfruit curry, the ingredients need to be bought well in advance. Approaching Eid, food prices have the potential to rise. To make your shopping more efficient, specifically for Jakarta citizens, you can compare food prices from several markets around your area. With comparisons, you'll know what food items to buy and where.

The Food Prices Feature to Check Groceries Prices Leading Up to Eid

The Groceries Prices feature in the JAKI application provides this service for you. Open the application and click on the Food Prices feature on the homepage. Next, JAKI will automatically detect your location and display the prices of various types of food items in the nearest markets to you under the Commodities tab. If you want to see food prices based on the market names around you, click on the Market tab. Next to the food prices, there are symbols indicating price fluctuations. An upward arrow indicates a price increase from before, a downward arrow indicates a price decrease and an equal sign indicates a stable price.

You can shop at cheaper markets by obtaining information on food prices and comparing them. As a result, shopping for Eid cooking becomes more efficient.

News: Find Traffic Regulation Information

Are you traveling from outside the city to Jakarta? Or are you living in Jakarta and planning to visit relatives within the city? Whatever category you fall into, you still need traffic information during Eid. Therefore, you need to monitor the News feature in JAKI.

The News Feature in JAKI to Check Traffic Information During Eid

In the News feature, you can see a collection of news from Berita Jakarta (Jakarta News), information published directly by Jakarta Smart City, and readings from JaKita Magazine. All three can be used to find traffic regulation information in Jakarta during Eid. No need to worry about hoaxes because the information is accurate from the Regional Device Organization (OPD) in the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Citizen Reports: Report Issues on Eid Eve

Eid Eve is part of Eid al-Fitr that is eagerly awaited every year. When celebrating Eid Eve, it's good for us to remain vigilant in case of riots or disturbances to public order. If you encounter any disorderly conduct, damage to public facilities, and so on, you can report it through the Citizen Reports feature in the JAKI application.

The process is easy; open the Citizen Reports feature, click the Report icon at the bottom center of the homepage, and take a photo of the violation, disturbance, or disorder. Then make sure the location of the report is accurate. You can also set your location and type a location description for clearer understanding by officials. Then, type the report description according to the instructions provided. Choose the report category. If you want to report disturbances, select the Disturbance of Peace and Order category. If you want to report damage to public facilities, select the Social Facilities/Public Facilities category. Feel free to explore categories to find the most appropriate one for your report. With the convenience of reporting problems, Eid Eve in Jakarta could run safely and comfortably.

Citizen Feature in JAKI to Report Disturbance during Eid Eve

The JAKI application also has several other features that may be useful to help you during Eid. For example, the Public Transportation feature checks schedules, routes, and fares for public transportation if you want to visit relatives using MRT, LRT, Transjakarta, or Mikrotrans. Also, the Map feature to find the location of mosques you want to visit for Eid prayers or other religious activities. Want to use these features but don't have JAKI yet? Download it for free from the Google Play Storeor Apple App Store!

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