06 Nov 2023

Transit-Oriented Development Innovations in Dukuh Atas

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Amira Sofa

06 Nov 2023

Hop on the bus, leave the fuss behind, take the train, and let go of the strain. Using public transportation is actually the key to efficiency. Isn’t that right, Smartcitizens? That is why Jakarta implements the concept of TOD (Transit-Oriented Development). TOD is an urban development pattern that facilitates transitioning from one mode of transportation to another. Jakartans can efficiently reach their destinations on foot, within just a few minutes.


With TOD, it is easier for people to shift from using private transportation to public transportation. This is one of the government's efforts to reduce traffic in Jakarta. Are you curious about how comfortable a cityscape like this can be? Come find out!


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TOD in Dukuh Atas: From Transportation to Recreation

Dukuh Atas is the first area in Jakarta to be developed into TOD. Since September 2023, the TOD Dukuh Atas area officially features a multi-purpose pedestrian bridge, usually called as JPM (Jembatan Penyeberangan Multiguna). The construction of the Dukuh Atas JPM began in 2021 and has an area of 260 meters. Thanks to this JPM, Jakartans are able to enjoy five integrated modes of transportation, namely:

  1. KRL (Kereta Rel Listrik) ​​or electric commuter train  at Sudirman Station;

  1. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) at Dukuh Atas BNI Station;

  1. LRT (Light Rail Transit) at Dukuh Atas Station;

  1. KA (Kereta ApiBandara or airport train at BNI City Station; and

  1. Transjakarta at Dukuh Atas 2 Bus Stop.

Which one is your favorite stop? By the way, despite being called a bridge, the Dukuh Atas JPM can also serve as a recreational space! You can enjoy various commercial stalls for food and drinks. This area is also designed as an inclusive public space, accessible to anyone and facilitated with:

  • bike access;
  • escalators;
  • stairs;
  • elevators; and
  • guiding blocks.

The Dukuh Atas JPM also exists in Jakarta as a new urban identity and destination. Not only does it enhance intermodal connectivity, but it also elevates the urban living experience.

Dukuh Atas multi-purpose pedestrian bridgeDukuh Atas multi-purpose pedestrian bridge

Dukuh Atas multi-purpose pedestrian bridge

Photos: Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City


Dukuh Atas Transport Hub

Efficiency is the key to managing daily routines. That is why the Dukuh Atas Transport Hub Simpang Temu was built. The Dukuh Atas Transport Hub is a stop for Transjakarta and online motorcycle taxis (ride-hailing) that supports transit from stops such as:

  • MRT Dukuh Atas BNI Station;
  • Sudirman Station;
  • LRT Dukuh Atas Station; and
  • BNI City Station.


Transport Hub Simpang Temu Dukuh AtasTransport Hub Simpang Temu Dukuh Atas

Transport Hub Simpang Temu Dukuh Atas

Photos: Safina Zora Hassanah/Jakarta Smart City


The construction of the Dukuh Atas Transport Hub Simpang Temu was done by MRT Jakartaand covers an area of approximately 15,000 square meters. To support transit accessibility, this area is equipped with:

  • pedestrian facilities along Blora Street;
  • bicycle facilities;
  • green spaces;
  • public spaces; and
  • bike-sharing points.

As a part of TOD, the presence of this transport hub will enhance mobility in Jakarta. This area becomes a safe, comfortable, and affordable transit hub, complete with offices, retail outlets, and hotels. So, let’s say it is like hitting several birds with one stone!

Lessen congestion, reduce stress – now is the time for all of us to enjoy the comfort of using public transportation. By doing so, you contribute to creating a more comfortable environment in Jakarta!

Are you ready to venture out with your favorite mode of public transportation? To explore Jakarta more comfortably, you can use the Public Transport feature on JAKI! There, you can find schedules, fares, and routes to your destination. Feel free to download it; it is free!

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