22 May 2024

JakLingko and Angkot Mikrotrans: What’s the Difference

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

22 May 2024

Do you like exploring Jakarta? You’ll definitely want it the most efficient way. In Jakarta, you can experience this efficiency thanks to the JakLingko  system. It operates many modes of transportation, not just the Mikrotrans angkot. Furthermore, there is a difference between JakLingko and Mikrotrans. Check it out below!


Mikrotrans, one of the modes of transportation from JakLingko. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Mikrotrans, one of the modes of transportation from JakLingko. Source: Jakarta Smart City


About JakLingko and Mikrotrans



JakLingko is an integrated transportation system in Jakarta. This means that the physical forms, services, management, and payment systems of transportation in Jakarta are integrated with each other. JakLingko operates various modes of transportation, including:

  1. buses: 

  • Transjakarta, 
  • Metrotrans, and 
  • Mikrotrans.

  1. rail-based: 

  • MRT Jakarta, and 
  • LRT Jakarta.


Additionally, JakLingko also facilitates payment for KRL Commuterline. You can do this using a KUE (Kartu Uang Elektronik) or JakLingko e-money card.

Need to take an online ojek to a station or bus stop? You can book Grab through the JakLingko app! Check it out here.

The name JakLingko is a combination of Jak (Jakarta) and Lingko. Lingko  refers to a traditional rice field distribution system in the Manggarai region of East Nusa Tenggara. Lingko’s distribution pattern resembles a spider web, interconnected at a central point. This shape reflects the integrated transportation system in Jakarta, where various transportation modes are connected. 


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Mikrotrans is one of the transportation modes run by PT Transportation Jakarta. It is in the form of an angkot (angkutan kota) which has the JakLingko logo design. Maybe that’s why we used to call it “angkot JakLingko”.

The fare is Rp0, but you need to use an e-money card to ride it. The Mikrotrans route code is displayed on the roof of the car. For example, the route code JAK-10A serves Gondangdia–Cikini. Don’t forget to get off at the bus stop of Metrotrans/non-BRT service!

Mikrotrans. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Mikrotrans. Source: Jakarta Smart City


Easy Payments Thanks to JakLingko

When traveling, we often consider the cost. JakLingko makes this easier with its Integration Fares  program. The maximum integrated travel fare is only Rp10.000, applicable for buses (Transjakarta, Metrotrans, and Mikrotrans) as well as rail-based transportation (MRT Jakarta and LRT Jakarta).

If you use just one mode of transportation, you’ll be charged the regular fare. For instance, the maximum fare for MRT Jakarta is Rp14.000.


How to Pay Using the JakLingko System

Interested in the Tarif Integrasi program? Besides using the JakLingko app, you can also use KUE (Kartu Uang Elektronik) or e-money for your journey. However, don’t forget to change the status of your card to a Kartu Transportasi JakLingko. You can do this at the BCT (Balance Check Terminal), available at MRT stations, LRT stations, and Transjakarta bus stops. Then, you can enjoy the Tarif Integrasi program.

Based on the explanation above, we understand that JakLingko is a system that integrates several modes of transportation in Jakarta, including Mikrotrans. With the integrated transportation system, we can enjoy more efficient travel. Please choose your favorite mode of transportation. In the end, you should get off at the nearest bus stop or station to your destination. Need to see the public transportation schedule in Jakarta? You can use the Public Transport feature on JAKI. Don’t forget to follow @jsclab  on social media for more information!

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