17 Oct 2023

Taking Public Transport? Here’s How To Get JakLingko Cards

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

17 Oct 2023

Using public transport is now a common practice in Jakarta. It not only saves money compared to using a private car but is also better for the environment. There are four main types of public transport in Jakarta: MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, TransJakarta, and Mikrotrans. These modes of transportation are now seamlessly integrated under PT. JakLingko Indonesia.

For new users, getting around with JakLingko is easy and cashless using a card. Curious about how to get a JakLingko card? Learn more here.

About JakLingko and Its Card Functions

Before knowing how to get a JakLingko card, you first need to know what JakLingko is and what JakLingko cards can be used for. The name JakLingko is taken from the words 'Jak' which represents Jakarta and Lingko which means network or integration. As the name suggests, JakLingko is a transportation system under the auspices of PT JakLingko Indonesia which integrates routes, management and payment for public transportation in Jakarta.

The modes of transportation integrated in the JakLingko system include MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, TransJakarta, MikroTrans, Railink, and KAI Commuter. Meanwhile, the JakLingko card is a payment transaction tool between transportation modes with fares and routes that are integrated with one tap and one fare.

How to Get JakLingko Cards

The JakLingko Card can be used for digital payments related to these things.

  1. TransJakarta;
  2. MRT Jakarta;
  3. LRT Jakarta;
  4. MikroTrans;
  5. MiniTrans;
  6. KRL Commuter Line;
  7. KAI Airport;
  8. Toll roads in the Jabodetabek area; And
  9. Merchants that collaborate with JakLingko.

JakLingko Card’s Term of Use 

Based on the official JakLingko website, here are the conditions for using the JakLingko card.

  1. JakLingko cards cannot be transferred to any party, because one card will be recorded as one user;
  2. JakLingko is not responsible for the loss of the card holder's card and cannot replace the card;
  3. To activate the JakLingko card, the card holder must register via the JakLingko application;
  4. To enjoy integrated tariffs with the JakLingko card, users must place the JakLingko card (tap) on the reader at the door specified by the officer;
  5. Make sure to store the JakLingko card in a place that is protected from scratches, heat, and places where the card could be broken;
  6. For further information about JakLingko, contact PT JakLingko Indonesia customer service.

How to Get JakLingko Cards

To get a JakLingko card, you can come to a TransJakarta stop or an MRT, LRT or Commuter Train station that is integrated with JakLingko and buy it via a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or ticket purchasing machine. The following are the TransJakarta stops that provide TVM.

  1. Blok M;
  2. Kalideres;
  3. Ragunan;
  4. Kota;
  5. Pinang Ranti;
  6. Central Senen;
  7. Kampung Melayu;
  8. Hotel Indonesia;
  9. Central Park towards Ranti;
  10. Harmoni;
  11. GBK;
  12. Karet;
  13. Adam Malik;
  14. Monas;
  15. Puribeta 2;
  16. Cawang UKI;
  17. Kampung Rambutan;
  18. Sarinah;
  19. Sunter Kelapa Gading;
  20. Slipi Petamburan;
  21. Bendungan Hilir;
  22. Tosari;
  23. Bundaran Senayan;
  24. Sumber Waras;
  25. Lebak Bulus;
  26. Pulogadung 1;
  27. PGC 1;
  28. Juanda;
  29. Rawabuaya;
  30. Makro;
  31. Sawah Besar;
  32. Grogol 2;
  33. Dukuh Atas 1;
  34. Tanjung Priok;
  35. Pejaringan;
  36. Stasiun Tanah Abang;
  37. Kapten Tendean;
  38. Glodok;
  39. Grogol 1;
  40. Pemuda Rawamangun;
  41. GOR Sumantri;
  42. UNJ;
  43. Bank Indonesia;
  44. Mangga Besar;
  45. Mangga Dua;
  46. Indosiar;
  47. Mampang;
  48. BKN;
  49. Permai Koja;
  50. Semanggi;
  51. Plumpang;
  52. Tanah Merdeka;
  53. Enggano;
  54. Central Park towards Pluit;
  55. Salemba UI;
  56. Garuda TMII;
  57. Sumur Bor;
  58. Jembatan Baru;
  59. Jelambar Sunter;
  60. Pasar Kebon Lama;
  61. Pulogadung 2; 
  62. Kebon Jeruk;
  63. Kemanggisan towards Ranti;
  64. Masjid Agung;
  65. Jamsostek towards Pluit;
  66. Dukuh Atas 2;
  67. Patra Kuningan; 
  68. Puribeta 1;
  69. Pluit;
  70. Polda;
  71. Karet Kuningan; 
  72. Rawasari;
  73. Sunan Giri;
  74. Jembatan Besi; 
  75. Pulomas;
  76. Pondok Indah 2;
  77. Pasar Baru; 
  78. Duren Tiga;
  79. Kuningan Madya; 
  80. CBD;
  81. Kr. Sentiong;
  82. Departemen Kesehatan;
  83. SMK 57; 
  84. Jamsostek towards Ranti;
  85. BNN;
  86. Taman Kota;
  87. Olimo;
  88. Ancol;
  89. Deptan;
  90. Duri Kepa;
  91. Pondok Pinang;
  92. Prumnas;
  93. Kodamar;
  94. TU Gas;
  95. Mayestik;
  96. Manggarai;
  97. Green Garden;
  98. Pasar Genjing;
  99. Galur; dan
  100. RS Islam;

After visiting TVM at one of these stops or stations, follow these steps.

  • Click ‘Beli Kartu’ (Buy Card) on TVM;
  • Read the terms carefully. Then, click Lanjut (Continue);
  • Select the desired JakLingko card merchant. Available merchants are Mandiri, BNI, and Bank DKI Jakarta;
  • Select a payment method. You can choose to pay by cash, debit, or scan a QR code. The TVM screen will show the total amount you have to pay. If you choose to pay with cash, make sure your money is in a denomination between IDR 10,000, IDR 20,000 or IDR 50,000 and is not damaged.
  • Complete payment. If the transaction is successful, take the JakLingko card that comes out of the TVM. You can access your transaction e-receipt via the barcode that appears on the TVM screen.

As of January 2023, you will be charged IDR 40,000 to buy one JakLingko card. However, you also have a top up balance of IDR 15,000, which means the card is only worth IDR 25,000.

JakLingko Innovation: The App, IDR 10,000 Integration Fee, and many more

Apart from digital payments via JakLingko cards, PT JakLingko Indonesia is also developing several innovations that can make it easier for users to use public transportation. For example, the JakLingko application. The JakLingko application offers various services, such as payment transactions using QR codes, checking routes and destinations for transportation modes in real time, even for activities outside of JakLingko transportation, such as providing entrance tickets to various events, paying electricity bills and cellphone credit.

Another innovation from JakLingko is integration rates. Integration tariffs are costs incurred when you take more than one JakLingko transportation (MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, TransJakarta, MikroTrans, etc.) with a maximum fare of only IDR 10,000. You can only be charged this integration rate if you change modes with an initial fixed fee of IDR 2,500 and a per kilometer rate of IDR 250. By using this integration rate, you will save more on mobility with JakLingko!

So, how can you enjoy JakLingko integration rates? If you buy a destination ticket using more than one type of public transportation via the JakLingko application, the fare you will automatically get is the integrated tariff. However, please remember, travel tickets purchased via the JakLingko application will expire at 03.00 a.m.

Not only via the application, you can also enjoy integration rates by using Electronic Money Cards issued by banks, such as e-money, Brizzi, Tap Cash, Flazz, JakCard, and others. Integration rates using an Electronic Money Card are only valid for 180 minutes.

That’s how to get a JakLingko card along with other related information. Let’s buy the card and travel with JakLingko! To make your trip well planned, you can check the routes and schedules for MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, Transjakarta and Mikrotrans via the JAKIapplication. Don't have the app yet? Download it on Google Play Storeor Apple App Storefor free!

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