Travel During Eid? Here are the Tips!

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05 Apr 2024

It’s that time of the year! After a month of fasting, Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. On this festive day, typically, many of us will embark on a journey home (known as "mudik" in Indonesian). How about you all, Smartcitizens? Do you have any plans yet?

Travelling back home can be an exciting activity. Not sure about what needs to be prepared? Let's discuss some tips below!

Travelling in Jakarta. Source: Berita Jakarta


Determine the Location, Date, and Time

In Indonesia, the collective leave or Eid al-Fitr holiday in 2024 starts on 8 April 2024. Are you ready? Go determine your destination! Also, don't forget to pay attention to the dates. This way, your journey can be structured and your holiday won't be disrupted by other plans.

You also need to consider the travel time, whether you're leaving in the morning, afternoon, or evening. This can help ensure the flow of your trip.

If you're not using a private vehicle, you might need to purchase transportation tickets. Sometimes, there are discounts available for certain dates. So, get the most suitable prices according to your schedule!

Bring Clothing and Equipment

Travelling will make you face various situations. Need to take a shower? Surely, you need to bring personal body care items. Planning to take family photos? Don't forget to pack the camera in your bag. To avoid forgetting, make a list of the equipment you'll need. You might need all of these when travelling:

  • clothing: shirts, pants, and underwear,
  • prayer equipment: sarong, prayer mat, and prayer gown,
  • health supplies: personal medication and masks,
  • bathing supplies: towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste,
  • electronic devices: mobile phone with charger and camera, also
  • personal documents: ID card, driver's licence, passport, ATM card, or travel tickets.


Preparing clothes and equipment for travelling. Source:

Preparing clothes and equipment for travelling. Source:


Prepare Your Finances

During the journey, your finances are important to prepare. This is to ensure your needs are met during the trip or at the destination. Here are some things that might be needed with money:

  • transportation costs: plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, or fuel for private vehicles,
  • accommodation: hotel stays or other types of room rentals,
  • food and drinks,
  • tourist destinations and
  • shopping.


Take Care of Your Personal Belongings

The Eid holiday is one way to take a break from daily activities. When travelling, you might leave your house for several days. This is why you need to make sure your home is safe. Don't forget to lock the doors and gates and turn off the stove. Make sure certain electronic devices are turned off to save electricity and prevent short circuits.

Are you taking public transportation? No problem. However, don't forget to keep an eye on your belongings. Remember what you're bringing so you won't leave anything behind or have it taken by someone else.

JAKI: The “Weapon” for Eid in Jakarta


Planning to spend Eid in Jakarta? Awesome! What should you prepare? Well, if you use the super app JAKI, you don't need to worry. There are useful features for you when you're in Jakarta:

  • Jakcation Feature

If you need information about holiday destinations in Jakarta, you can use JAKI. Just type Jakcation in the search bar. What to do? Let's explore. There are several types of information you can see:

  • Destinasi (destinations);
  • Event;
  • Hotels;
  • Paket Tur (tour packages);
  • Transportasi (transportation); and
  • Kuliner (culinary).


  • Maps Feature

The Maps feature on JAKI will help you check nearby facilities and public spaces in Jakarta. Don't forget to turn on the location on your device. Here are the menus that can be used in the Maps feature:

Fasilitas Umum (Public Facilities)

The quality of life for Jakartans can improve thanks to its public facilities. In the Fasilitas Umum (public facilities) menu, you can see what you can enjoy. If you want to take a walk in the nearest open space with your children or siblings, you can check the RPTRA/Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space). It's all free! For sports facilities, you need to check if there are any required fees. The list of Public Facilities in JAKI that you can see are:

  • Taman (parks);
  • RPTRA;
  • RTH (open green spaces); and
  • Sarana Olahraga (sports facilities).

Tebet Eco Park. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Tebet Eco Park. Source: Jakarta Smart City

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Fasilitas Kesehatan (Health Facilities)

During holidays, health is important to maintain so you can stay comfortable. If you need to go to a clinic, please check the nearest location in the Fasilitas Kesehatan menu. There are several options you can see:

  • Rumah Sakit (hospitals);
  • Puskesmas (community health centers);
  • Klinik (clinics); and
  • Lab Kesehatan (health laboratories).

Transportasi Publik (Public Transport)

Want to explore Jakarta? It's better to use public transport to save costs and time! Using the Transportasi (transportation) menu or Public Transport feature on JAKI, there is information about transportation modes in Jakarta, namely:

  • MRT;
  • LRT;
  • Transjakarta; and
  • Mikrotrans. 

Check the operating hours, maximum fares, schedules, and routes!


Destinasi Wisata (Tourist Destinations)

There are many places you can explore in Jakarta. The Tourist Destinations menu will inform you about entertainment venues here and even nearest mosques. In the mood for a museum? Just click on the Sejarah (history) option, then you can see which museums are closest to your location. Here are other options you can see:

  • Taman Rekreasi (recreation parks);
  • Kuliner (culinary);
  • Belanja (shopping);
  • Kepulauan (islands);
  • Sejarah (history);
  • Kebudayaan (culture); and
  • Religi (religion).


  • Groceries Prices Feature

Having a feast with your loved ones can be enjoyable. Prefer to cook yourself instead of buying? Sure! Before you start, it's a good idea to check the prices before shopping. The Groceries Prices feature on JAKI can provide you with information about cheap food prices in the nearest market. All valid and updated daily!


Checking the Groceries Prices on JAKI. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Checking the Groceries Prices on JAKI. Source: Jakarta Smart City


Also readGet Valid Information of Groceries Prices on JAKI

Preparing thoroughly can make your travel experience memorable. Hopefully, your journey will be exciting and always safe! Don't forget to maintain your health for a more enjoyable time. You can also stay enthusiastic when the holiday is over. If you need further information about Eid or travelling, don't forget to follow social media @jsclab. Happy travelling!

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