27 Mar 2024

Musallas at TransJakarta Stops

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

27 Mar 2024

Are you a loyal TransJakarta user? If so, this is important information for you. Some TransJakarta stops are now equipped with musallas that you can use for worship. The presence of these musallas is crucial because being mobile during Ramadan often poses challenges in Jakarta. For example, if you're heading home close to sunset, you may want to arrive before the prayer call, making it easier to break your fast and engage in worship.

But you do not need to worry. Having iftar can be done on public transportation, including TransJakarta, as long as you follow the rules. Prayer can also be performed at musallas located at TransJakarta stops.

Musallas in Transjakarta Stops

TransJakarta Stops with Musallas

As of March 2024, there are 61 TransJakarta stops equipped with musallas. Take note of the names of these stops. Perhaps one of them is your regular TransJakarta stop.

  1. Blok M Stop
  2. Senayan Roundabout Stop
  3. Gelora Bung Karno Stop
  4. Karet Stop
  5. Dukuh Atas Stop
  6. Tosari Stop
  7. Bundaran HI ASTRA Stop
  8. M.H. Thamrin Stop
  9. National Monument Stop
  10. Harmoni Stop
  11. Sawah Besar Stop
  12. Mangga Besar Stop
  13. Glodok Stop
  14. Pulo Gadung Stop
  15. Pulo Mas Stop
  16. Pasar Senen Stop
  17. Senen Raya Stop
  18. Juanda Stop
  19. City Hall Stop
  20. Kwitang Stop
  21. Kalideres Stop
  22. New Bridge Stop
  23. Hanging Bridge Stop
  24. Roxy Stop
  25. Rawamangun Youth Stop
  26. Manggarai Stop
  27. Pasar Rumput Stop
  28. Galunggung Stop
  29. Ancol Stop
  30. Senen Central Stop
  31. New Matraman Stop
  32. Kampung Melayu Stop
  33. Ragunan Stop
  34. West Jati Stop
  35. Jati Padang Stop
  36. Patra Kuningan Stop
  37. Kuningan Stop
  38. Rasuna Said Stop
  39. Setiabudi Stop
  40. Kuningan Madya Stop
  41. Cililitan Stop
  42. Central Cawang Stop
  43. Cawang Stop
  44. Kebayoran Stop
  45. Cikoko (Eastbound) Stop
  46. Pancoran Tugu Stop
  47. Kuningan Intersection Stop
  48. Petamburan Stop
  49. Pluit Stop
  50. Plumpang Stop
  51. Pulo Gebang Stop
  52. East Jakarta Mayor Stop
  53. Jatinegara Station Stop
  54. West Sunter Boulevard Stop
  55. Tegal Mampang Stop
  56. Pasar Santa Stop
  57. CSW Stop
  58. Velbak Stop
  59. Kemayoran Stop
  60. Sunter Lake Stop
  61. Black Bridge Stop

Some of these musallas are also equipped with water taps for ablution, fans, and prayer equipment that you can use.

Musalla in Transjakarta Stops

Smartcitizen, those are the names of TransJakarta stops equipped with musallas to meet your worship needs. If traveling using TransJakarta, don't forget to use the Public Transportation feature in JAKI. With it, you can check the schedule of public transportation departures to predict the arrival time at your destination. Don't have the JAKI app yet? Download it for free from the  Google Play Storeor Apple App Store!

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