19 Jul 2022

Five Perfect Libraries to Work Remotely in Jakarta


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

19 Jul 2022

Work from Anywhere (WFA) has now become a new trend for remote workers to complete their work.  This trend of working anywhere started during the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced more employees to work remotely from the office.  In fact, some companies do not have physical offices and are actually going full online.  Not to mention the increasing number of freelancers in the digital world, making WFA even more popular.

To be more effective and productive, a worker who chooses WFA usually has to find a comfortable place that supports his work.  An ideal place might be equipped with fast Wi-Fi access, a cozy working atmosphere, clean toilets and places of worship. And maybe to your surprise, one place that has some if not all of those facilities is the library!

How come?  In addition to complete facilities with fast Wi-Fi, a calm atmosphere, the distinctive smell of books, to the people passing by between the bookshelves, make the library have a distinctive ambience, especially for you book lovers.

Want to know where to find such a comfortable library in Jakarta?  Here are five libraries in Jakarta that are convenient for WFA.

Jakarta Library in Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Central Jakarta

The Jakarta library at TIM is back after being revitalized. Its presence was greeted with joy. In an instant it became a hit spot that was targeted by many people.  In addition to storing various collections of books, this library has many comfortable seating spots for you to work.  There are various charging points here, also equipped with Wi-Fi that can support you to work productively.

If you are tired of working and want to take a break, you can take a walk to see the beautiful architecture of the library, look at the exploration room, children's playroom, to the H.B. Jassin Literary Documentation Center.

Because the daily visitor quota is limited to 300 people, you must register and make a reservation.  You can do this through the perpustakaan.jakarta.go.id website or you can directly click the Jakarta Library banner in the JAKIapp. You can also stop by on Instagram @perpusjktto know the latest updates about this library.

the DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library in Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Located in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library is no less convenient for you WFA.  Equipped with a variety of reading collections and fast Wi-Fi access, this library is suitable for those of you who are looking for a cozy and free work location.

In addition, this library also provides tablet computers and desktop computers for those of you who don't bring gadgets to work.  If you are interested in visiting here, you can go directly to the Nyi Ageng Serang Building Floor 7-8, Jalan H.R.  Rasuna Said Kav.  C 22.

The National Library of Indonesia

Located on Jl.  Medan Merdeka Selatan No.11, Central Jakarta, this National library is a paradise for literacy lovers. The National Library has 27 floors, with various angles that are just right for you to work. You can find tables and chairs equipped with electric plugs, soft sofas, canteens, prayer rooms, and of course free Wi-Fi service.

To visit and enter the collection room, you will be asked to leave your bag in a locker, so you can only carry valuables in the transparent bag that has been provided.

You can visit this library at 08.30-18.00 WIB (Monday-Thursday) and 09.00-16.00 WIB (Friday-Sunday).

Baca di Tebet

Just opened on February 20, 2022, the library, which is equipped with a cafe on the ground floor, has immediately become the talk of the town and a favorite location for many people to study or work.  This is because the atmosphere is warm and calm, thanks to the high bookshelf design that fills the entire wall.

On the second floor where the library is located, Baca di Tebet has a meeting room where visitors are allowed to eat, drink, and discuss.  In addition, there is also a reading room and a quieter thinking room, so visitors are not allowed to bring food or drinks, except mineral water.  You can choose the most suitable space for you to work in the library which is located at Jl.  Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No, 28, South Jakarta.

Erasmus Huis Library

Erasmus Huis Library is located in Kav.  Setiabudi, Jalan H. R. Rasuna Said, Block C No.  3, Kuningan Timur, South Jakarta This library is famous for its Instagrammable design and comfortable and quiet reading room.  No wonder your WFA choice fell to this library.

The library belonging to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a collection of books and magazines in Dutch, English, and Indonesian.  You can explore various collections that satisfy your curiosity when you are taking a break from your boredom.

Comfortable WFA in Jakarta

Jakarta is now more friendly for digital nomads, because there are lots of spots to support you WFA, starting from the Thousand Islands which are prepared for Work from Island, parks equipped with JakWifi, to super convenient libraries.  Let's take care of these spots together!

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