20 May 2021

JAKI: Runner Up WSIS Prizes 2021

by:Teresa Simorangkir

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

20 May 2021

JAKI, the official super-app from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, selected as one of the champion projects in the WSIS 2021 in E-government category. In case you didn’t know, the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) is an annual event held since 2013 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In the E-government category, JAKI competes among 20 projects from other countries such as Argentina, China, Russia, Serbia and Qatar. JAKI reached the final five and earned the right to be called as a champion project. Azerbaijan in the end successfully secured the first place and gold medal in the E-government category through their project entitled Citizens' Electronic Appeals.

The WSIS 2021 awards ceremony was held online on 18 May, 2021, via the Zoom platform. WSIS 2021 presents 18 awards to be awarded to the government sector, private sector actors, members of civil society and partnerships between all stakeholders who are considered successful in implementing technology and information infrastructure.

In the WSIS 2021 event, JAKI didn’t come as the only representative from Indonesia. Several innovations from Indonesia came forward as nominations, including Pandu Digital Indonesia (Enabling environment category), Bullyid App (E-health category), and 8villages (E-agriculture category), which the latter successfully came first in their category. 8villages is an ICT company engaged in agriculture that focuses on accelerating modernization in rural areas. Through its platform, 8villages aims to connect farmers with stakeholders so that the two parties can work on mutually beneficial cooperation. Farmers can provide information such as predictions of the productivity of the crops they cultivate so that stakeholders can predict the initial capital needed by farmers, what fertilizers need to be used, and how much crops farmers can produce in order to be marketed in certain markets. Not only that, farmers can also get information such as harvest calendars and market prices through just one application on their cell phones.

Innovations Currently Brewing in JAKI

JAKI is developed by a group of professionals who are part of the Jakarta Smart City. In a time to come, JAKI is expected to be one of the pillars that helps Jakarta to transform into a better metropolitan city.

Through JAKI, users can access  various services in Jakarta through its features; one of them is JakLapor. Throughout March 2020 to April 2021, there were 10,617 reports of PSBB and PPKM violations in Jakarta that have been followed up. These reports can be completed thanks to the JakLapor feature that makes it easy for the public to voice their complaints so the problems can be traced and followed up by relevant agencies.

Not only JakLapor, to accommodate the needs of its users who have reached one million, JAKI expanded its services in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. JAKI features were developed to meet the needs of Covid-19 vaccination, independent tests through the Corona Likelihood Metric (CLM), and monitoring data on Covid-19 cases. What JAKI features have you used, Smartcitizen?

Congratulations to 8villages and thank you to all Jakarta citizens who have supported JAKI at the WSIS 2021 event! Let’s continue to give out our support in bettering Jakarta through our JAKI!

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