08 Jan 2024

Reach 2024 Resolutions with JAKI

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

08 Jan 2024

Close the window of memories, open the door to new adventures. Smartcitizens, how are your preparations for 2024? So far, how colourful has it been? To welcome the new year, some of us may like to write resolutions as a reflection of the previous year. If you have not reached your goals, you may try to make them happen this year as much as possible. Well, since it's still early in the year, here are goals that you can achieve together with JAKI that makes it easy!

New Year's Day 2024 in Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City

New Year's Day 2024 in Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City


Learn New Knowledge from Jakarta Library

Starting something new doesn't have to be in the new year. However, the new year can push us to start a journey. You might want to improve your skills or talents. There are various books in the Jakarta region library that can help you learn new knowledge. From learning new skills to understanding how to motivate yourself, here are examples of books you can borrow:

1. Refining Sentence Writing Skills for Professional and Academic Purposes by Basturi Hasan;

2. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?  by Julie Smith; and

3. Photography: The Ultimate Guide by Tom Ang.


Perpustakaan Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart CityPerpustakaan Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Perpustakaan Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City


Do you like reading novels? Want inspiration for writing fiction? There's a lot of collection here too! Here are some novels from the library collection in Jakarta:

1. Yellowface by R. F. Kuang;

2. The Pachinko Parlour by Elisa Shua Dusapin; and

3. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides.


You can search for other book titles you need. It is free to borrow! Just download JAKI, then look for the Jakarta Library feature in the search bar. Here's how:

  1. Select the Jakarta Library feature and click the Account button in the bottom right corner.

  1. Log in or register if you don't have a Kawan Perpus account. Please follow the available steps.

Log in to Kawan Perpus on JAKI

Log in to Kawan Perpus on JAKI


  1. You can see the Beranda (home) view after successfully logging in. In this section, please choose based on the available Book Recommendations. There are services you can choose through the Explore button, such as:

  • Reservasi Kunjungan (visit reservation);
  • Daftar Koleksi (collection list);
  • Cari Perpustakaan (library search);
  • Agenda Literasi (literacy agenda );
  • Event;
  • Usul Buku (book suggestions); and
  • Jadwal Pusling (mobile library schedule).

Click Collection List to search for other books.


  1. . Search for books by judul (title), pengarang (author), or ISBN, then click the book image you want to borrow and select the Peminjaman (borrow) button.

Borrow a book through JAKI

Borrow a book through JAKI


  1. See in which library the book is available and choose the location to borrow it. Scroll down to select the Selanjutnya (next) button after choosing.

List of libraries in Jakarta

List of libraries in Jakarta

  1. Choose a pickup location and click the Pinjam Buku (borrow book) button.

Borrow a book through JAKI

Borrow a book through JAKI


Yessir, you did it! Now, wait for confirmation, then you can go to the library to borrow or read it. Before that, you need to make a reservation for your visit. Still using JAKI, here's the process:

  1. In the Jakarta Library feature, click the Jelajahi (explore) button and select Reservasi Kunjungan (visit reservation).

  1. Fill in all the available fields in the visitor reservation form. 

Library visit reservation on JAKI

Library visit reservation on JAKI


There are several libraries you can choose from, such as:

  • Perpustakaan Jakarta - Perpustakaan Cikini;
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta - Pusat Dokumentasi Sastra HB Jassin;
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta Barat - Tanjung Duren;
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta Timur - Jatinegara;
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta Utara - Koja;
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta Pusat - Petojo Enclek; dan
  • Perpustakaan Jakarta Selatan - Gandaria Tengah.

Already sure which library to choose? If so, please click Submit!


  1. A visit reservation receipt will appear containing the library name, visit date, and QR Code. Save the QR Code for entering and exiting the library. This reservation proof will also be sent to your email.

Library visit reservation receipt on JAKI

Library visit reservation receipt on JAKI

  1. You can view your visit reservation history. Open the Jakarta Library feature again in JAKI. Click the Account page and select Reservation and Visit History. Have fun at the library!


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Reduce Personal Vehicle Usage

Want to help make Jakarta a better place? Very possible! One of the easiest ways is to reduce personal vehicle usage. You can take public transportation every day. This can reduce the negative impact of air pollution and traffic congestion.

Still clueless about which Jakarta transportation mode to take? Let's open JAKI and look for the Map feature in the search bar. Then, follow these steps:

  1. look at the Transportation section in the Map feature;

  1. choose options such as Bus Stop (Mikrotrans, Metrotrans, or non-BRT/Bus Rapid Transit), Halte TJ (Transjakarta Shelter), MRT Station, or LRT Station. For example, if you choose Bus Stop, you will see that the nearest Metrotrans stop is 140 meters away from your location. Then, you can check that there is a Transjakarta shelter that is 177 meters away.

Map Feature in JAKIMap Feature in JAKI

Map Feature in JAKI


Do you enjoy cycling? Great! Now, Jakarta has various bicycle-friendly facilities. MRT Jakarta provides a conveyor belt for nonfolding bicycles. This helps nonfolding bicycle riders pass through stairs. Examples of stations are:

  • Bundaran HI MRT Station;
  • Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Station; and
  • Blok M BCA MRT Station.


Conveyor belt for non-folding bicycles at MRT station. Source: Irwan Citrajaya/MRT Jakarta

Conveyor belt for nonfolding bicycles at MRT station. Source: Irwan Citrajaya/MRT Jakarta

Cyclists can also park safely, so they can continue their journey by train or bus. Examples of available bicycle parking places are:

  • IRTI Monas Stop;
  • Taman Literasi Martha Christina Tiahahu; and
  • Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Station.


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Take a Peek at JAKI Public Transport Feature

Start a Shopping Hack to Save Money

Did you somehow experience financial losses last year? It is time to start being mindful! Manage your money by shopping wisely. There is a suitable feature for this on JAKI. Just search for Groceries Prices on the search bar.

With the Groceries Prices feature, you can find information on prices and market locations in Jakarta. Let’s say you want to know the price of ayam broiler/ras (broiler chicken). Click on the ayam broiler/ras option and the prices will appear across all markets in Jakarta.

Groceries Prices onJAKI

Groceries Prices onJAKI


Adjust to the most suitable prices as well. Here, you can see which markets are selling at the lowest prices.

Also, find out about the nearest markets. Click on the Pasar (market) section and the address and telephone number of the market will appear.


Information of Jakarta markets on JAKI

Information of Jakarta markets on JAKI

Small steps can lead to big changes. Who knows, if you continue to be consistent, your days can become more colourful. Are you ready to live your new year's resolutions? If you want to experience better days in Jakarta, find the information on social media @jsclab. Also, explore the features on JAKI for your everyday needs in Jakarta!

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