20 Dec 2020

Read Books Digitally from Home with iJakarta

by:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

20 Dec 2020

With movement restrictions still in place, some of us feel the need to be more creative in finding fun and educational activities from home. This is quite important so that we don't get bored easily or feel caged in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are various activities worth trying, from home farming, adopting and taking care of pets, and exploring your book collections at home. 

Now, for the latter, maybe you faced a problem that you have run out of reading materials. Or you might miss going to the library that you know has a much more complete collection of books. Lest we forget students who currently still have to study remotely. Of course, it would be better if there's easy access for them to borrow and read books that could support their learning activities at home.

Digital Library in JAKI

Transitional Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) has been reimposed in Jakarta, and some libraries have indeed reopened to the public while still applying strict health protocols. However, some people are still not entirely comfortable traveling outside the house, which is totally understandable. 

With that in mind, Jakarta's Government also promotes JAKI as a digital library for Jakarta citizens who want to read books through iJakarta feature. iJakarta is an application by Jakarta's Library and Archives Office in collaboration with Aksaramaya, which is now integrated within JAKI. 

JAKI, iJakarta, Aksaramaya, PJJ, Covid-19

As a digital library, iJakarta not only boasts the collection of books stored in it. But also social media features to allow you to connect and interact with fellow users or other book-loving communities. So, with iJakarta, apart from using it to read fun and educational books, you can also write reviews or commenting reviews from other readers. But of course that's not all, there are also  other excellent features such as:

Book Collection: Thousands of e-books titles with various topics are available on the main page for you to read and learn directly from the palm of your hand.

ePustaka: Through this feature, you can become a member of various digital libraries, with their own collection of books.

Feed: See all activities from fellow iJakarta users, such as information on the latest books, books that are being borrowed, or starting a book discussion by utilizing the comments feature.

Bookshelf: When you join iJakarta, you will immediately get access to your own virtual bookshelf. All the books you borrowed will be stored in it to make it easier for you if you want to borrow your favorite book again.

eReader: This feature will turn your screen into a digital page of the book you are reading. It is enriched with various other supporting features such as dark mode for comfortable reading in dim room conditions or at night.

How to Use iJakarta

First, make sure you have installed the JAKI application, which you can download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After opening the application, scroll down until you find "Jakarta's Government Services" sub-menu. 

In this section, select the iJakarta feature which will give you a shortcut to the application. If you have installed the iJakarta application, you will be immediately taken to the main page of the digital library. Here you will find a collection of reading books with a fairly wide selection of topics. 

JAKI, iJakarta, Aksaramaya, PJJ, Covid-19

For example, if you currently want to do some repair work at home, but are reluctant to contact a repair service provider because you are afraid of the risk of being exposed to the Coronavirus. Now, through iJakarta, you can educate yourself on doing that by selecting the "Borrow" button to read a home repair book. 

After you finish reading the book and then practicing the techniques you just learned, don't forget to return the book and leave a review. 

JAKI, iJakarta, Aksaramaya, PJJ, Covid-19

You can also become a member of ePustaka or digital libraries managed by other iJakarta users, including schools and universities. Here you can read books that may not be available on the main page. 

You can also create an ePustaka under your own name. But in order for your ePustaka to function properly, you must first donate books. The way to make a donation is quite simple. First, you select the book you wish to donate and then payment can be made online or via an ATM. 

JAKI, iJakarta, Aksaramaya, PJJ, Covid-19 

If the payment has been confirmed, the digital book that you donated will go directly into your ePustaka. The more books you donate, the more iJakarta users may become members of your ePustaka. Now you know what potential you can get from iJakarta. Don't let this pandemic become an obstacle for us to stay entertained and informed. Download JAKI and iJakarta now for a better experience of studying and reading!

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