Jakarta Provincial Government’s Commitment to Prevent Flooding

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

29 Nov 2023

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG/Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika) has announced the arrival of the rainy season. This information can be seen in the monthly bulletin at the end of November. You have experienced it in Jakarta too, right? Those heading home choose to take shelter, whilst those at music festivals willingly stand watching performances, wearing ponchos.


Officers of Jakarta Water Resources Agency. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Officers of Jakarta Water Resources Agency. Source: Jakarta Smart City


We all realise heavy rainfall has significant impacts on the environment, including the formation of puddles that may lead to flooding. To prevent this, several measures are taken by the Jakarta Provincial Government to ensure the safety of its residents.


Management of Water Flow

62 Reservoirs, Embankments, and Lakes in East Jakarta

As rainfall increases, water levels rise. Puddles in waterways such as rivers, reservoirs, embankments, and lakes need to be taken care of. East Jakarta is equipped with reservoirs, embankments, and lakes to regulate water flow through rivers or water channels. Construction of water channels is ongoing, and currently, there are 62 operational reservoirs, embankments, and lakes in East Jakarta. These water channels enhance water retention during the rainy season.


Reservoir to increase water holding capacity. Source: Instagram @kotajakartatimur

Reservoir to increase water holding capacity. Source: Instagram @kotajakartatimur


9 Excavators in the Ciliwung River

Sedimentation or mud deposition makes it hard for water to flow. Hence, the Provincial Government conducts mud dredging in water channels like the Ciliwung Riverin the Kebon Baru segment. Nine excavators are utilised for mud dredging, increasing water retention in the river and ensuring smooth channel connectivity.


Excavator for dredging mud. Source: Instagram @dinas_sda

Excavator for dredging mud. Source: Instagram @dinas_sda


Going Green

Open land needs to be organised to maintain the environment. Planting trees is one way to prevent flooding. So far, greening efforts in Jakarta include planting:

  • over 57,000 mangrove trees;

  • over 77,000 protective trees; and

  • over 4,000,000 ornamental plants.

Greening is crucial in areas like Jakarta, as planted trees absorb water from the soil, contributing to flood prevention.


Going green in Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City

Going green in Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City


Hundreds of Stationary Pump Units

Some areas in Jakarta are below sea level, making it hard for water to flow by gravity. Therefore, stationary pumps are essential infrastructure in Jakarta to redirect water and control flooding.


Flood prevention in Jakarta involves 549 stationary pump units at 195 locations and the construction of 799 water gates at 547 locations. Two additional pumps are also installed in Ancol, along with others in Gunung Sahari.


Stationary pump to drain water. Source: Instagram @dkijakarta

Stationary pump to drain water. Source: Instagram @dkijakarta


Dedication and Collaboration of All Jakartans

Jakarta continues to face various urban challenges. Without the participation of its residents, environmental sustainability is not possible. The Provincial Government continually urges everyone to participate in environmental conservation.


As a form of resident participation, the Bakti Kita untuk Jakarta event took place on 19 November 2023. Joko Agus Setyono, the Secretary of the Regional Secretariat of DKI Jakarta Province, along with assistant secretaries, heads of regional agencies, and regional-owned enterprises, gathered in the morning for a massive community service. Various layers of Jakarta's society also participated. Cleaning water channels, from front drains to canals or rivers, was done to anticipate flooding.

Bakti Kita untuk Jakarta on 19 November 2023. Source: Instagram @dkijakarta

Bakti Kita untuk Jakarta on 19 November 2023. Source: Instagram @dkijakarta


300 combined personnel in Jakarta are also ready to face the rainy season. Preparedness activities called Kesiapsiagaan Menghadapi Musim Hujanat the Malaka Sari Flood Canal East, Jakarta East involved:

  • Polres (Kepolisian Resor) Metro Jakarta Timur;
  • Kodim (Komando Distrik Militer) 0505;
  • BPBD (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah);
  • Dinas Gulkarmat (Penanggulangan Kebakaran dan Penyelamatan);
  • Dinas Kesehatan;
  • Dinas Sosial;
  • Satpol PP (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja);
  • Dinas Lingkungan Hidup;
  • Dinas Perhubungan;
  • Dinas Sumber Daya Air; 
  • subdistrict heads and neighbourhood heads in the East Jakarta Administrative Region;
  • disaster relief volunteers; and
  • all relevant stakeholders.

Flood disaster management equipment is now well prepared. When needed, everything is available for use.


Monitor Jakarta Flood Information

Our safety is a priority during the rainy season. By supporting these efforts, we can enhance our safety and that of those around us. Stay informed about the latest flood information in Jakarta! Visit www.pantaubanjir.jakarta.go.idor use the Pantau Banjir feature on the JAKIsuper app. Prepare yourself and stay healthy!

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