15 Aug 2022

How To Book Immunization Appointment Through JAKI

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

15 Aug 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, complete basic immunization coveragefor infants, especially children aged 0 to 6 years, has decreased. The reason could be due to restrictions on community activities or the shortage of health workers which caused some children immunization services to stop during the pandemic If the baby's immunity gap is not immediately addressed, cases of disease or abnormalities in babies can increase. Therefore, considering that August is National Child Immunization Month (BIAN), the Jakarta Provincial Government and the Health Service have accelerated child immunization.

Have you made sure your children’s immunizations are complete? If it's not yet complete, there's good news for you. Children who have not been fully immunized (4 times DPT immunization, 4 drops polio, and 1 time IPV) or Measles-Rubella immunization can be registered for complete immunization and Measles-Rubella immunization through the JAKI(Jakarta Kini) application! The advantage is, you can book children immunization appointments, anywhere and anytime, as well as choose an immunization schedule and location according to your preferences. Read this article to find out more. 

Why Does Your Child Need Immunizations?

Babies have low immunity so they need to be protected from being infected with infectious diseases. Immunization can work effectively to protect babies from these infections by forming immunity. Complete immunization and measles-rubella immunization can prevent children from illness and disability due to polio, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis B, pneumonia, meningitis, measles, and rubella.

Procedure for Registering Child Immunizations at JAKI

Before registering, make sure the JAKI application is installed on your smartphone. If it has not been installed, download it first via the Google Play Storeor Apple App Store. After the app is installed, then you can follow these registration steps.


  1. Open the JAKI APP
  2. Click the Bulan Imunisasi Anak Nasional (National Child Immunization Month) Banner

  1. Fill in Personal Data


  1. Choose a location and immunization schedule

  1. Done! Your child has been registered for immunization with the schedule and location chosen

These are the procedures that you can follow to register your child for complete immunization and Measles-Rubella through JAKI. Guaranteed child health is more priceless than the three minutes you spend registering for immunizations. Therefore, let's register your children’s immunizations! Please share this information so that more people know.

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