The Thrill of Being a JSC Batch 4 Data Science Trainee

by:Syora Alya Eka Putri

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

21 Jul 2022


One of the programs from Jakarta Smart City, the fourth batch of Data Science Trainees, has been completed. This program aims to be able to provide training to data scientist talents in Indonesia and trainees can have the experience to try to find solutions to problems that exist in urban areas. So, what do you think about the experience of the trainees of this fourth batch? 

Experience from Trainees

In this program, trainees will be given online training by mentors on data science to solve problems in the city of Jakarta. The topics also vary around Covid-19, Rapid Community Response (CRM), floods, to congestion with various methods and types of data, such as text, image, or geospatial data. The trainees will be given learning through projects and later this project will be presented and also made into scientific papers. In addition, the trainees also learned to create a policy based on data. For example, Anas, a trainee from the Bandung Institute of Technology. He is working on a project on image blur detection whose work was accepted at ICoICT 2022. here is also Desy from Semarang State University, which has a project regarding Delta and Omicron cases with clustering methods based on sub-districts in Jakarta. 

Not only gaining knowledge about data science and being taught to write scientific publications, the trainees also get the opportunity to learn more about the work of a data scientist through the experience of the mentors of the Jakarta Smart City Data Team. For example, Rayhan has a background in Pure Mathematics from Lambung Mangkurat University. He said that from the lessons learned in this program, he became more concerned about problems in Jakarta, especially floods. He worked on a project on forecasting rainfall and water levels for flood prevention, which was guided by Kak Ayu, Kak Clarissa, and Bang Fajar from Jakarta Smart City. Likewise with Salsa, for him, the mentors are very friendly and open to teaching the ins and outs of data science and its application in smart cities. Similar to Salsa, Sheila feels very lucky to be a trainee in this program because she can be accompanied by responsive mentors while working on projects about the JakLapor complaint channel.

The experience gained by these trainees is also useful for preparation for trainees who want to have a career in data science. This was conveyed by Khamzul Rifki, who according to him, the experience from each session and sharing session has provided many new insights for him as a fresh graduate to have a career in this field. In addition to insights, the experience during this training can be a portfolio that can be used to pursue a career as a data scientist. In line with Khamzul, Kresna, who has a background in Management studies, also believes that this program can be a place to improve quality or be a bridge to get to know the work of data scientists. 

Don't Miss Out on Joining the Next Batch!

Well, this program will be held again! It's perfect for those of you who want to learn or are looking for valuable experience in data science with Jakarta Smart City. Especially if you have a career as a data scientist, you will get new knowledge from sharing sessions with mentors and new friends from fellow trainees. Particularly, if you want to make a career as a data scientist, you will get new knowledge from sharing sessions with mentors and new friends with fellow trainees. If you are a college graduate, and have the basic ability to process data, you can register for training that is open to 8 people! The registration for the next batch is openuntil July 23, 2022,and find anyinformation through Jakarta Smart Citysocial media.

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