28 May 2021

All You Need to Know about Transjakarta Services During the PPKM Period


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

28 May 2021

During the PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities) in Jakarta, people began to commute around Jakarta while remaining to comply with the strict health protocols. That means people have also started to return using public transportation in the capital, such as the Transjakarta bus. With its vast route network and affordable prices, Transjakarta becomes one of the favourites since it offers Jakartan to reach their destination comfortably. Amid the pandemic, staying at home is still the best option, especially if you don’t have urgent needs. But, if you must leave your house for essential activities, and you want to take Transjakarta to get to your destination, then you need to pay attention to the latest schedule and routes, as well as health protocols that are currently implemented on the Transjakarta bus. 

Transjakarta Latest Operational Hours

During this PPKM period, Transjakarta adjusted its operating hours. It is now set to operate between 05:00 to 21:30 WIB. Meanwhile, special services for hospital and Puskesmas personnel, including the frontline workers, operate from 21:30 - 23:00 WIB. 

This was a follows up on the Decree of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency Number 196 of 2021 concerning the Extension of the Application of Technical Guidelines for Limiting Transport Capacity and Operational Time of Transportation Facilities in the Context of Enforcing Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities. 

Transjakarta Routes

With its wide coverage throughout Jakarta, Transjakarta Bus covers so many routes that can be used by anyone. As of July 2020, the number of Transjakarta fleets has reached 4,079 units of large, medium, and small bus types. Transjakarta also has 13 corridors with 247 routes and an average of five additional routes every month. However, during the PPKM period, not all routes were operated. These routes can be seen on the Route Map on the transjakarta.go.id website. 

If you want to see the complete stops on a certain route, and knowing whether it is in operation or not during this PPKM period, you can get such information more easily through the TiJeapp. When you open the application, select the Sahabat Tije feature, then select Informasi Rute, then a list of Transjakarta routes will appear.  

On the Tije app, you can also see the closest bus stops and the closest departure times. 

Stay Safe on TransJakarta during the Pandemic 

Remember, we are all still in the midst of a pandemic. So, even though mobility has been allowed, we still have to maintain health protocols, especially on public transportation, including the Transjakarta bus.

Make sure you bring a hand sanitizer in your bag so you can use it regularly. In addition, make sure you wear a mask so that you avoid various viruses in public places. During this PPKM period, the Transjakarta Bus only allowed 50% of the passenger capacity in it. Even so, you still have to take care and pay attention to your distance from other passengers.

Let's adapt with these new habits by complying to the strict health protocols, starting from ourselves so that we can protect each other from the risk of Covid-19.

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