11 Jan 2024

New Transjakarta Routes As of January 2024

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

11 Jan 2024

PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta) made adjustments to the Transjakarta route. To make it easier for Smartcitizens to access information, Jakarta Smart City summarizes the Transjakarta routes that have changed from December 2023 to January 2024.

Transjakarta Routes Experiencing Adjustments

  1. Transjakarta 3H (Pesing-Kota Station), 6A (Ragunan-Balaikota via Kuningan), 6B (Ragunan-Balaikota via Semanggi), 10H (Senayan-Tanjung Priok Roundabout)

Starting December 5 2023, Transjakarta 3H, 6A, 6B and 10H will experience adjustments. Transjakarta 3H serves the Pesing-Kota Station route and ends the journey at the Indosiar 4 bus stop from the direction of Kota and starts the journey from the Pesing bus stop towards Kota. The fleet operates every day from 05.00-22.00 WIB.

Transjakarta 6A serves the Ragunan-Balaikota route via Kuningan. This route operates from 05.00 WIB with the latest departure from Ragunan at 21.00 and from City Hall at 22.00 WIB.

Transjakarta 6B serves the Ragunan-Balaikota route via Semanggi. This route operates from 05.00 WIB with the latest departure from Ragunan at 21.00 and from City Hall at 22.00 WIB.

Transjakarta 10H serves the Senayan-Tanjung Priok Roundabout route. Passengers who wish to continue their journey to Blok M can use the Blok 1/6M corridor.

  1. Transjakarta 6W (Duren-Three Blok M) and Transjakarta 9H (Pasar Minggu-Cipedak)

The new Transjakarta route 6W (Duren Tiga-Blok M) was launched on December 28, 2023. This route operates every day from 05.00-21.30 WIB. If you want to get up from Blok M, you can take line 3 with the track until the Warung Buncit BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stop. From this bus stop, continue your journey to corridor 6 via Jalan Bangka Raya.

On the same date as the launch of 6W, PT Transjakarta officially changed the 9H route from UI-Blok M to Pasar Minggu-Cipedak. The route taken is TPU Islam Tanah Baru to Kalibata City 1 via Jalan Moch. Kahfi 2 and Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu. Smartcitizens can enjoy Transjakarta 9H services every day from 05.00 to 22.00 WIB.

  1. Transjakarta T11 (Poris Plawad-Petamburan)

Starting December 31, the Transjakarta T11 route will be shortened from initially serving Poris Plawad-Bundaran Senayan to Poris Plawad-Petamburan. This bus route can be used every day during operational hours 05.00-22.00 WIB.

  1. Transjakarta S11 (BSD-Jelambar)

There are no changes to the Transjakarta S11 route. The fleet continues to serve the BSD-Jelambar route. However, there is a modification to Transjakarta S11, namely that it now uses low-entry buses. Low-entry buses are buses with a low entrance and floor and no stairs, making it easier for passengers to enter. With the fleet adjustment to low-entry buses, Transjakarta S11 (BSD-Jelambar) no longer serves BRT stops and only serves non-BRT stops every day at 05.00-22.00 WIB.

Transjakarta Bus Stop Adjustments

  1. Cawang Bus Stop Operations

The Cawang Sentral Bus Stop, which was previously called the Cawang UKI Bus Stop, has started operating again since December 24 2023. The routes served by the Cawang Sentral Bus Stop are:

  • 5C (PGC 1-Juanda)
  • 5D (PGC1-Ancol)
  • 7 (Kampung Melayu-Kampung Rambutan)
  • 7D (TMII-Tegal Parang)
  • 7P (Pondok Kelapa-Cawang Sentral)
  • 9 (Pinang Ranti-Pluit)
  • 9A (Latumeten-PGC 1)
  • 9C (Pinang Ranti-Senayan Roundabout)
  • 9N (Pinang Ranti-Cawang Soetoyo)
  • 10 (Tanjung Priok-PGC 2)
  • M5 (PGC 1-Ancol)
  • M7 (Kampung Melayu-Kampung Rambutan)
  • M9 (Pinang Ranti-Pluit)
  • M10 (Tanjung Priok-PGC 2)

For your information, 5D (PGC 1-Ancol) at the Cawang Sentral bus stop only serves on weekdays. Meanwhile, M5 (PGC 1- Ancol), M7 (Kampung Melayu-Kampung Rambutan), M9 (Pinang Ranti-Pluit), and M10 (Tanjung Priok-PGC 2) serve the night transport route (Amari).

  1. Operation of Tanah Tinggi Bus Stop and Kemayoran Bus Stop

Tanah Tinggi bus stop and Kemayoran bus stop are starting to operate. The Tanah Tinggi bus stop serves Transjakarta routes 14 (Senen-JIS), 14B (Tanjung Priok-Senen), and M14 (Senen JIS). Specifically for the M14 route (Senen JIS) it only operates at night. Meanwhile, the Kemayoran bus stop serves Transjakarta routes 14 (Senen-JIS), 14B (Senen-Tanjung Priok), and M14 (Senen-JIS). Route 14 (Senen-JIS) only serves the directions listed and route M14 (Senen-JIS) only operates at night.

  1. Petamburan bus stop operations

Starting December 30 2023, the Slipi Petamburan Bus Stop will reopen with the new name Petamburan Bus Stop. This stop serves the following routes:

  • 3F (Kalideres-Gelora Bung Karno)
  • 9 (Pinang Rant-Pluit)
  • 9C (PGC-Latumeten)
  • 9E (Kebayoran Lama-Jelambar Market)
  • 10H (Tanjung Priok-Senayan Roundabout)
  • T11 (Poris Plawad-Slipi Petamburan)
  • M9 (Pluit-Pinang Ranti)

Route 9E (Pasar Kebayoran Lama-Jelambar) at the Slipi Petamburan Bus Stop only operates on weekdays. Meanwhile, the M9 route (Pluit-Pinang Ranti) operates at night only.

That's a summary of Transjakarta route changes for the period December 2023 to the latest. Haven't found the route information you're looking for? Don't worry, you can get more complete route details via the Transjakarta Route Map. Want to know other information about Transjakarta? You can visit @pt_transjakartaor community accounts such as @transkopajaon Instagram.

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