10 Nov 2023

15 Passenger Criteria to Get Transjakarta’s Free Access

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

10 Nov 2023

Calling for public transportation users! Transjakarta has the Transjakarta Free Service Card Program (TJ Card) program. This program is an initiative of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government which provides citizens more affordable and easier access to public transportation.

Transjakarta's Free Service

You can get the free Transjakarta access service by using Bank DKI’s Jakcard Combo or the TJ Card issued by PT Jakarta Transportation(Transjakarta). There are six groups of passengers that can receive Free Services with the Jakcard Combo and nine groups with the TJ Card. What is included in the groups? Read more to find out. 

15 Groups of Free Transjakarta Service Recipients (TJ Card)

Recipients of Free Services with the Jakcard Combo card include the following groups:

  1. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Civil Servants and its retirees;
  2. Contract Workers who work for the Provincial Government of Jakarta;
  3. Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) holders;
  4. Certain Private Employees/Workers (Salary according to UMP through Bank DKI);
  5. Residents of Simple Rental Flats;
  6. Team for Empowerment and Family Welfare.

The six groups of recipients of Free Services with Jakcard Combo can register for the program by contacting Bank DKI.

Meanwhile, the following are recipients of Free Services with TJ Card:

  1. Seniors aged 60 years and over;
  2. People with disabilities;
  3. Member of Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia;
  4. Raskin recipients (Prosperous Family Card holders);
  5. Thousand Islands KTP holders;
  6. Mosque servants;
  7. Educators and Early Childhood Education (PAUD) staff;
  8. Larval Monitoring Officer (Jumantik);
  9. TNI/Polri members.

The registration process for Free Service recipients with a TJ Card can be done via the Transjakarta Free Service Card websitepage by filling in the biodata and uploading the Identity Card (KTP), Family Card (KK), passport photo, and supporting documents.

Transjakarta's Free Service

That's all about the groups of passengers who can get free access to Transjakarta! Are you one of them? If you are, arrange your Free Service now. Do you have any questions about the TJ Card service or other Transjakarta services? Contact the Transjakarta contact center on 1500-102 or the Instagram account @pt_transjakarta. Enjoy the free access!

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