05 Oct 2023

Two-days Hackathon in Hack4ID x JAKI

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

05 Oct 2023

Affirming its dual role as an innovation hub and a vital link between citizens and the government, Jakarta Smart City joined forces with Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital (National Movement of 1000 Digital Startups) to organize Hack4ID x JAKI. Hack4ID is a programming competition initiated by Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital, aiming to explore innovative solutions that could effectively address industrial challenges and foster collaboration with industry stakeholders in Indonesia. In this collaborative edition with JAKI, Hack4ID beckons participants to ideate and implement solutions for the issues faced in Jakarta, integrating these innovations into the JAKI application.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

JAKI is a super-app for the city of Jakarta, offering an array of public services tailored to meet the needs of all segments of the city's residents, including students, office workers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and household managers. These services span a wide spectrum, from reporting problems to checking food prices.

So, what innovations emerged from Hack4ID x JAKI for JAKI application development? How exciting is Hack4ID x JAKI? Read on to find out.

Hack4ID x JAKI Event Series

Hack4ID x JAKI consists of three series of events, namely Kick-off and Scouting, Hack4ID Main Activities, as well as Post-events in the form of Bootcamp.

Kick-off and Scouting

Kick-off activities with industry players involved were held online on Friday 22 September, at 15.00-16.00 WIB. In this activity, industrial partners and stakeholders provide an overview of industrial challenges in Jakarta along with the initiatives taken to face these challenges. After the presentation session, participants can ask questions which will then be answered by industry partners. With this Kick-off, participants will be equipped with insight and knowledge related to the industry that can help them during the hackathon later.

Hack4ID x JAKI Main Activities

The main activity of Hack4ID x JAKI is a hackathon which will be held on 26 and 27 September 2023 at Future City Hub, Jakarta Box Tower, Floor 23. During these two days, participants put forward various solution ideas that suit industry needs, using the basics of design methods sprints.

The first day of Hack4ID x JAKI opened with a welcome from Yudhistira Nugraha, as the Head of the Jakarta Smart City Management Unit. He said that the current JAKI super-app has a variety of public service features that can meet the needs of citizens. However, application developers need to know the problems faced by citizens, so they can develop appropriate innovations to solve these problems. "For this reason, we are open to input and ideas from colleagues (participants) for developing the JAKI application. "Hopefully, from some of the solutions created over the next two days, there will be ones that we have the potential to collaborate with and integrate into JAKI," said Yudhistira.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

Yudhistira Nugraha, Head of Jakarta Smart City


Workshop: Problem-Solution Fit

Next, Hack4ID x JAKI entered the first core activity, namely Workshop: Problem-Solution Fit which was presented by Athaya Kadzima, Senior Associate BNI Ventures. In this session, Athaya introduced participants to identifying problems, conducting market research and user personas, looking for solution ideas and comparisons, and validating solutions.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

Athaya Kadzima, Senior Associate BNI Ventures

Design Sprint: Forming Groups to Determining Goals

After being equipped with insight into Problem-Solution Fit, participants were asked to apply the material in sprint sessions. During Hack4ID x JAKI, the sprint session was guided by the sprint master, namely Faizah (Research & Development Program for Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital). The participants were divided into startup groups assisted by facilitators from Jakarta Smart City.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

At the beginning of the sprint, participants are asked to get to know each other to find out each other's interests and specialties. From there, participants were asked to form groups based on the solutions they wanted to overcome the problems of the JAKI application as a super-app for Jakarta residents. Participants can choose one of three solutions, namely Data Integration, The Lack of JAKI’s Engagement, and New Feature Development.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

There are six startups that were formed, namely Hackaty Hack, Kumpulin, JakFinders, JakWheels, JakBon, and JakLaris. Each has different solutions for the JAKI application, such as increasing JAKI application engagement, features that can search for gas station locations and cellphone battery charging machines, as well as features that can record the carbon footprint of JAKI users.

After that, the six startups were asked to explain the problems they wanted to solve and map the stakeholders related to each problem. They were also given material on determining the specific root causes of problems that they wanted to address for product development. Then, each startup was asked to brainstorm and explain their product development mapping.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI


Every startup that then had already had a clearer concept and solution objectives, went to the next session, which is a mentoring session with mentors. The mentors for Hack4ID are Alvin Aulia Akbar (Former Founder of Sekolahmu), Ikhsan Jauhari (Chef Evangelist of ASTHA), Raka Ikrar (Project & Content Manager of HI Incubator), Abhi Abduh (Digital Growth of Indodax), Raedi Fadil (Marketing Communications Manager of Jakarta Smart City), dan Andy Ernesto (Business Analyst of Jakarta Smart City). In this session, the six mentors will tour each startup to explore the participants' ideas and provide advice and views from the business side.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

The completion of the mentoring session is a sign that the Hack4ID x JAKI activities on the first day have ended. Before the first day of activities closed, the sprint master gave assignments to participants, in the form of research to be submitted on the second day of Hack4ID x JAKI.

Solution Sprint: Exploring Innovative Ideas

On the first day, the startup founders focused on gathering ideas regarding the solutions they wanted to create for the JAKI application. However, on the second day, the startup founders designed the solutions and presented them in front of the jury.

After the opening from the MC, the second day of Hack4ID x JAKI started with a Solution Sprint session guided by Gita Andini (Research & Development Program for Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital). In this session, it was explained that startup founders were asked to brainstorm innovative ideas for their solutions and put them into solution sketches to explain how the solution would work.

Workshop: Pitching 101

As previously discussed, the final result of the main Hack4ID x JAKI activity is that each startup presents its solution or product design in the form of a pitch deck to the jury. However, before that, startup founders were provided with material related to Pitching 101 by Dama Aji, as Antler Associate and Jabodetabek and Banten Hub Manager. Through this session, startup founders can choose specific root causes that they want to address for product development, know the art of packaging problems and solutions in stories, the right structure and content in a pitch deck, and how to present a pitch deck in an interesting and persuasive manner.


Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI


The activity continued with mentoring. In this session, startups can consult with mentors like the previous day. However, on the second day of the mentoring session, the startup founders focused on making a pitch deck. Mentors can provide input on the pitch deck created by each startup.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

Final Pitching

After the pitch deck was completed in the previous session, representatives from the six startups took turns presenting pitch decks regarding the solutions they offered and wanted to develop for the three jury members. The judges from Hack4ID x JAKI are Bianca Widjaja (Investment BNI Ventures), Falah Tariq (Fund Manager of GSMA), and Juan Intan Kanggrawan (Head of Research and Data Analytics of Jakarta Smart City). Each startup gets around 3-5 minutes for presentation. After that, the judges will provide feedback and suggestions regarding the development of solutions for each startup, which can be used to hone their sprint goal-setting.

Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI
Collaborated with Startups to Develop JAKI in Hack4ID x JAKI

The main activity of Hack4ID x JAKI was closed with a group photo session. After the hackathon which will be held for two days, there will be a post-event in the form of a bootcamp for startups that have or have not participated in Hack4ID.

That was the recap of Hack4ID x JAKI with the Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital! Are you interested in taking part in this kind of hackathon? Find out more information on 1000 Digital Startups' social media. You can also contribute to the development of digital public services in Jakarta by continuing to use JAKI. Especially now the app is updated with content and appearance tailored to your persona and profile as a user. Don't have the app yet? Download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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