21 Apr 2021

Digital Transformation: The Current Society’s Need

by:Teresa Simorangkir

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

21 Apr 2021

When we talk about digital transformation, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? You might be thinking of the word technology, computer, or modern which is actually associated with digital transformation. Digital transformation can be interpreted as a change towards a goal that involves digital technologies in the process. That is also why the concept of digital transformation is closely related to the paperless concept. The ultimate goal of digital transformation is to provide more efficient services to users and to replace the outdated, time-consuming, traditional processes.

The prime examples of digital transformation actually have been happening in our daily lives. We do everything online now, be it online shopping, online ride hailing and the star of our recent routines: the online video conferencing platforms. Years ago, before we had it all at our fingertips like now, we had to go to the ojek pool so that we could use the service to get to our destination. Do you want to rewatch your favorite movie? There is no other way than buying it or renting it from the nearest video rental. Do you miss seeing the face of your dearest ones? Well, it’s quite impossible to do as the video call feature is not as easy to access as in the present days. So tiring, right? It’s all thanks to the technology that we can now access everything via the internet. Can you imagine how complicated life would be if these transformations never occur in the first place?

Those above are examples of the digital transformation in our everyday life. As of now, the government has started a new journey of digital transformation within the government. This digital transformation aims to provide efficient and effective services that are needed by the citizens. What kind of digital transformation that the government is planning to launch?

Why is Digital Transformation Required?

In Jakarta, digital transformation is needed to improve the quality of service offered by the government by optimizing the existing resources and data within the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Currently, Jakarta is trying to facilitate residents with digital identities which the data is generated from the citizen’s National Identity Number and Family Card Number. It’s hoped that the digital identity can be used to facilitate electronic transactions in the digital world, especially those that require the coordination between citizens and the government. Through digital identities, the government aims to avoid any errors caused by data duplication or dirty data.

In other countries, digitalization of services has been applied in its government. Australia has a myGov app that supports citizens to access their taxes info, social aid, and even enabling the citizen to submit applications for skill improvement programs. Our neighboring country, Singapore, has a National Digital Identity which provides access for its citizens to make online transactions by verifying their personal data and facilitating them with electronic document signing so they are able to do safe online transactions.

Digital Transformation Plans in Jakarta

Jakarta currently has 328 electronic government services. However, these services are not yet integrated so it can’t be used to provide service to approximately eleven million residents of Jakarta. That’s the core reason as to why the government is currently developing the digitalization of public services. The government intends to take advantage of the use of information technology that can process all data of Jakarta residents so that it can be accessed in the form of a Citizen Digital Account through the JAKI app. Citizen Digital Account is also used as a valid identity to authenticate the user when they need to access governmental services like Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP) and Kartu Jakarta Mahasiswa Unggul (KJMU).

Digital transformation would be impossible to implement if the people don’t have sufficient knowledge or skills to take part in carrying out the process. To take care of this problem, our government is preparing several programs to prepare people better in facing digital transformation. The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) has introduced Gerakan Nasional Literasi Digital dan Digital Talent Scholarshipprogram to get 50 million citizens become digital literate by 2024.

Now you might be wondering, why is digital transformation needed? In this fast-paced, instantaneous era, people want all of their needs to be easily accessed through instant services which can be obtained by digitalization. The government, as a public servant, is obliged to fulfil this gap by transforming the old-fashioned bureaucracy through digital transformation so the citizens can experience better service. Another side note, we know that society keeps progressing to be a pioneer in innovation, of course, we don't want to just sit around doing nothing and be the only ones left behind. We need to take action and respond to the world's transformation.

Digital transformation cannot take place in just a day. There are many processes and adaptations that both the government and citizens need to go through. Suggestions, criticisms, and support from us become important pieces that can contribute for a better transformation.

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