25 Mar 2022

Jakarta Represents Indonesia at the IDC Awards 2022

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Amira Sofa

25 Mar 2022

Good news, Jakartans! This year, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has been elected to represent Indonesia at the IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards 2022. Last year Jakarta won the 2021 Best in Future of Digital Innovation category, this time JSC advances to two categories, which are Pandemic Management through Jakarta Kini (JAKI) and the Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services category through the Flood Control System. Let’s read the following article for more information.

About IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards

The event was first inauguratedin 2015 to create a convergence platform for the latest innovations and transformations led by cities, local governments and ICT suppliers in the Asia Pacific region. At the IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards, government leaders, from mayors, board members, CIOs, and others, can regularly consider and re-evaluate smart city development goals, so that the solutions are scalable, agile and ready to implement. The discussion forum provided at the IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards will help accelerate the development of smart cities in those regions.

This year, the IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards included the top smart city initiatives in Asia Pacific, with the exception of Japan, in 15 categories. The categories are as follows.

  1. Administration;
  2. Civic Engagement;
  3. Digital Equity and Accessibility;
  4. Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces Development;
  5. Education;
  6. Public Health and Social Services;
  7. Public Safety- Next-Generation Emergency Services;
  8. Public Safety- Data-Driven Policing;
  9. Smart Buildings/ Smart Tech Parks;
  10. Smart Water;
  11. Sustainable Infrastructure;
  12. Transportation - Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing/Ride-Sharing;
  13. Transportation – Transport Infrastructure;
  14. Urban Planning and Land Use; and 
  15. Pandemic Management.

JAKI: Nominated for Pandemic Management Category

As the only representative of Indonesia, JAKI competes with four other initiatives from various countries in the Pandemic Management category. The nominations for this category are as follows.

  • “StayHomeSafe” Home Quarantine Support Solution - Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre Hong Kong;
  • Develop an EcientMethod to Prevent COVID-19 Pandemic: Analyzing Medical Image - Artificial Intelligence by Kaohsiung City Government Taiwan;
  • Smart Work System - Daegu Metropolitan City Korea; 
  • Jakarta Kini (JAKI) - Jakarta Smart City, Department of Communications, Informatics, and Statistics, DKI Jakarta Province; and
  • COVID-19 Vaccination and Vaccinated Differentiated Safe Management Measure (VD) - Government Technology Agency of Singapore. 

As the Super App of the city of Jakarta, JAKI has integrated more than 150 application services from 56 Regional Device Organizations (OPD) since it was inaugurated in 2019. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, JAKI has also been equipped with various digital data and services related to the handling of Covid-19 that can help Jakarta residents and people who travel to Jakarta. These features are Covid-19 Vaccination Registration, JakCLM, Safe Entrance by PedulilLindung, Bed Availability, Vaccination Coverage Data, Covid-19 Basic Information, Covid-19 Distribution and Control Zone Map, Contact Tracing, JakLapor, Social Assistance Information, and KSBB (Large-scale Social Collaboration Program).

With the Covid-19 Vaccination Registration feature, JAKI helps accelerate the government's vaccination program. As of February 23, 2022, 878,814 residents have registered for the Covid-19 vaccination through JAKI. Vaccine registrar data has also been integrated with vaccine quotas at vaccination locations in Jakarta. The JakCLM feature allows users to independently carry out Covid-19 risk tests. The Safe Entrance shortcut feature that provides check-in and check-out services can help residents stay safe in their activities in public spaces during the pandemic. No worries of missing information if you need hospitalization due to Covid-19, the Bed Availability feature can be used by users to monitor the number of beds available at hospitals in Jakarta. Vaccination Coverage Data can also be used by residents who want to access the vaccination coverage dashboard of health facilities in the Jakarta sub-districts.

If you want to know general information regarding Covid-19, residents can also access the JakWarta feature which has been integrated with the Jakarta Responding Covid-19 website. The Covid-19 Spread Map and Control Zone feature can also be used to find out the distribution of cases and strict controls in Jakarta areas. To help suppress cases of the spread of Covid-19, there is also a Contact Tracing feature, the result of collaboration with PeduliLindung, to trace close Covid-19 contacts. Meanwhile, there is also a JakLapor feature that residents can use to report city problems, such as damaged roads, PPKM violations by residents, offices, business owners, and so on. More than just controlling Covid-19 cases, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is trying to help residents affected by Covid-19. Residents can check the status of Social Assistance recipients through the Social Assistance Information feature. If you want to send assistance to people affected by Covid, you can also donate by accessing the KSBB feature on JAKI.

The integration of data and services provided by JAKI has helped tens of thousands of people in Jakarta, before and during the pandemic. Only by accessing one application at their fingertips, residents can be fully informed and served regarding Covid-19, starting from the prevention phase, the phase of being infected with Covid-19, even the phase after. JAKI will continue to grow to develop new innovations that can overcome problems and meet the needs of the community during the pandemic.

Flood Control System: Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services Category Nomination

Meanwhile, the Flood Control System (Knowledge Management for Flood Control System) is nominated in the Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services category. Being the only candidate from Indonesia, the Flood Control System competes with initiatives from other countries. The following is a list of nominations for the Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services category.

  • ICT-based Emergency Management - Yangzhou Emergency Management Bureau China;
  • Three-dimensional Respon and Disaster Reduction Smart-Cloud System Development in Taoyuan City - Taoyuan City Government Taiwan;
  • Bushfire Modelling and Prediction - CSIRO Australia;
  • Knowledge Management for Flood Control System - Jakarta Smart City, Department of Communications, Informatics, and Statistics, DKI Jakarta Province; and
  • HazardHunterPH - The Department of Science and Technology - Phillipine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (DOST-PHIVOLCS) Phillipine.


The Flood Control System itself is an initiative used to find out and distribute information about Jakarta floods. The development of this initiative is based on various challenges the capital city often faces, such as the problem of flooding, the bad impact of floods on the social, economic, environmental sectors, scattered and unintegrated data, and inadequate tools. Therefore, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has developed a Flood Control System that utilizes technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It functions as a management system related to technology-based data collection and processing as well as supporting data-driven policy making. The purpose of this system is to help minimize flooding in Jakarta and be able to handle floods in an integrated and real-time way.

The Flood Control System is currently in the Initiation phase. In this phase, Jakarta has installed 178 IoT sensor devices in the Pump House area of ​​Jakarta. The IoT sensor tool functions to measure rainfall, vibration and temperature, water level, and water flow. How does the Flood Control System work? Basically, the Flood Control System utilizes sensors that are installed in 178 Pump Houses and social media information to collect real-time weather and flood data in Jakarta. The data then enters the Analytics Platform system and is processed into visualization and information products related to conditions, potentials, predictions, and solutions for flood management in Jakarta. The data is displayed in an integrated dashboard along with asset management data. This dashboard can be accessed internally by the relevant Regional Organization. Furthermore, this flood predictive model can be used as the basis for making policies related to flooding in Jakarta, so that the policies taken are more effective.

With this system, flood controlling can be more effective and efficient. Before using the Flood Control System, data input was done manually by the Jakarta Water Resources Department officers. Therefore, there is a possibility of errors, such as inaccurate data, slow updates, or convoluted flow of reporting tool conditions. However, after using the flood control system, the data will automatically be updated by the IoT sensor tool in real-time, making it more accurate. The condition of the tool can also be updated in real time to the system, and the data results can be processed into material for making data-driven policies. This Flood Control System is targeted to enter the Improvement phase in 2022, and the Stabilization phase in 2023.

That’s all about the two innovations of the Jakarta Provincial Government, JAKI and the Flood Control System, which are nominated in the Pandemic Management and Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services categories at the IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards 2022. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of all relevant stakeholders, including you, who have continued to faithfully use digital-based services in Jakarta. Show your support so that Jakarta can continue its journey in the IDC. You can submit your vote herebefore April 7, 2022. Let's support Jakarta altogether!

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