Fun Events in Jakarta During the Long Holidays

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

07 Feb 2024

Hooray! The noise of routine slowly fades away. In February 2024 this week, we're going to be "hit" by a long holiday: the celebration of Isra’ and Mi’raj also Chinese New Year. Let's get ready to explore fun places in Jakarta! From places full of food to the mysterious ones, here's a list of fun events or activities for you.


Chinese New Year in Jakarta. Source: Jakarta Smart City


  1. Merayakan Gastronomi Indonesia



Are you a food enthusiast? It's time to join the Celebration of Indonesian Gastronomy! Here is what you can enjoy:

  • Kuliner Hutan Papua (Papuan Rainforest Cuisine);

  • Hidangan Khas Keraton Buton (Special Dishes from Keraton Buton);

  • Kuliner Kutai Kartanegara (Kutai Kartanegara Cuisine);

  • Kuliner Khas Pulau Samosir (Special Cuisine from Samosir Island); and

  • Kuliner Khas Gorontalo (Special Cuisine from Gorontalo).


There are also Food Movie Screening and Culinary Talks for you to enjoy. See the information below!

Location: Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta

Date: February 2–11, 2024

Price: Free

Link: Instagram @nusagastronomy

Access: Transjakarta corridor 5M, 6H; Mikrotrans JAK10A; KRL Cikini Station


  1. Chinatown Festival di TMII



Want to celebrate Chinese New Year properly? Let's go to the Chinatown Festival di TMII! There are various entertaining events for you, such as:

  • Bazar Pecinan (Chinatown Bazaar);

  • Barongsai (Lion Dance);

  • Wayang Potehi (Potehi Puppet Show);

  • Imlek Dance (Chinese New Year Dance);

  • Kecak Dance; and

  • Gamelan Corobalen (Corobalen Gamelan).

There are still more activities there. Here's the information so you don't miss out!

Location: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta

Date: February 8–11, 2024

Price: Rp25,000 (for entrance ticket)

Link: Instagram @tmiiofficial

Access: Transjakarta corridor 7D; LRT TMII Station


  1. Menggambar di Kipas Bareng KOMIKIN!



If you want to “gossip artistically”, this is the place. Come join Menggambar di Kipas Bareng KOMIKIN! This time, the event is special for Chinese New Year. Don't forget to bring your favourite drawing tools!

Location: Evo Corner Besar M Bloc Space, South Jakarta

Date: February 10, 2024

Price: Rp55,000

Link: Instagram @komikin_ajah

Access: Transjakarta corridor 1, 1E, 1N, 1P, 1Q, 6N, 8E, 10H; MRT Blok M BCA Station


  1. Nobar “Petualangan Arung”



The Maritime Museum now has a Museum Cinema/Bioseum named Malahayati. You can also enjoy this newest facility! Come and watch “Petualangan Arung” there!

Location: Jakarta Maritime Museum, North Jakarta

Date: Every Tuesday and Sunday

Price: Starting from Rp5,000 (for museum entrance ticket)

Link: Instagram @museumkebaharianjkt

Access: Transjakarta corridor 1, 1A, 3H; Mikrotrans JAK13


  1. Rumah Hantu Kota Tua



Dare to challenge yourself? If so, don't miss the scariest experience at Rumah Hantu Kota Tua. Check out the information below. Don't forget to note the operating hours because apparently the ghosts there need rest!

Location: Jakarta Old Town

Date: Until March 2024

Price: Starting from Rp25,000

Link: Instagram @rumahhantu.kotatua

Access: Transjakarta corridor 1 and 12; KRL Jakarta Kota Station


Easily Getting Around in Jakarta

To enjoy the long holidays in Jakarta, it's most fun to use public transportation. You can roam around as much as you want with cheap fares and no traffic jams! Don't forget to download JAKIfirst, so you don't get lost. Here's how:

  1. open JAKI;

  1. find the Map feature;

  1. explore the Transportation section;

  1. choose options like Bus Stop (Mikrotrans stop), TJ Stop (Transjakarta stop), MRT Station, or LRT Station. For example, if you want to go to a Bus Stop. Later, you'll see the nearest Mikrotrans stop is 140 meters away from your location, while the Transjakarta stop is 177 meters away.


Map Feature in JAKI

If you use JAKI, you'll understand the routes to the events listed above. Don't forget to turn on your device’s location to access the Map feature in JAKI. Also, keep an eye out and follow @jsclabon social media. There will always be information about other interesting events for you!

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