27 Oct 2022

Procedure for Reporting Inundation or Flood

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

27 Oct 2022

Hello Smartcitizen, you must feel that the rainy season has arrived. Many things must be prepared, starting from maintaining personal health to the environment. Jakarta as a city also has its challenges, such as garbage piling up in waterways and damaged embankments. Both of these factors can cause flooding or inundation in the capital city. In realizing the common goal of a comfortable and safe city, especially in preventing natural disasters such as floods, good cooperation between the government and the community is needed.

Community participation, such as making reports, is needed to help the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to follow up. Reports from the community can be made through 13 official complaint channels that are integrated with the Quick Response Community system or CRM, which will then be followed up by the kelurahan or related agencies. How the hell, how to report it? Check out, how to do it!



Aplikasi JAKI

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has a super-app called JAKI (Jakarta Kini), an application for various people’s daily needs. This app can be easily downloaded via Google Play Store or Apps Store. JAKI has multiple features. One of them is JakLapor, which you can use to report multiple problems in Jakarta, including floods or puddles. The reporting method is also quite easy, follow these steps:

  1. Open JAKI;
  2. Select the Report feature;
  3. Choose to report in Private or Public;
  4. Photo of flood/inundation;
  5. Select the category “Flood”;
  6. Write the report and fill in the complete location details;
  7. Click save to send the report.

After that, your report will be followed up by the kelurahan or related department. You can also monitor the progress of your report through the JakRespons feature!



Twitter Pemprov

Smartcitizen active on social media Twitter? You can report various problems including inundation or flooding through your Twitter account. Reports received will be immediately responded to and get a report number that you can use to monitor its progress. Doing so is relatively easy, here’s how:

  1. Photos of floods or puddles;
  2. Create a tweet with a photo, description, and detailed location then mention the @DKIJakarta account;
  3. Send a tweet and your report will be responded to immediately.
Tweet Laporan

After that you will get a reply response via tweet along with your report number, monitor the progress of the report on the CRM website.



Facebook Pemprov

As one of the social media channels, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Facebook account also receives Smartcitizen complaints via messages that enter the inbox. Similar to Twitter, incoming messages will be immediately responded to along with the report number so that progress can be monitored. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Facebook Page;
  2. Click the send message button;
  3. Describe your detailed location and problem (flood or inundation), then include supporting photos;
  4. Send message;
  5. Your report is immediately responded to and received a report number;

After getting a number, you can monitor your report through the CRM website like a complaint via Twitter.

Well, that’s the procedure for reporting inundation or flooding through JAKI and 2 DKI Jakarta Provincial Government social media channels. Pretty easy, right? Come on, report it immediately if you find a flood or puddle in Jakarta! Your participation means a lot to making this city even better. Don’t forget to also download JAKI to update the latest weather and make reports easier. Also, monitor updated conditions related to water flow levels and complete information on the latest news about flooding through the Flood Monitor website.

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