19 Sep 2021

What You Need to Know About Vaccination Status

by:Syora Alya Eka Putri

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

19 Sep 2021

Do you want to sign up for vaccinations?When registering vaccinations through JAKI, you will find the status when registering. The status becomes an important marker that you need to know what it means.  So, instead of being confused, there are important reminders that you need to pay attention to first.

Registration Status

The registration process through JAKI will first pass several stages, in the JAKI application you can see it in the Jakarta section of Covid-19 Response, then choose Covid-19 Vaccination. When you enter your name and NIK, you need to know the meaning of status when you sign up for the vaccination. This status indicates whether you are still in the scheduling process or whether you can already be vaccinated. Vaccination status is divided into two as follows


In Schedule (Dalam Proses Penjadwalan)

If you find this status, it means that the data of potential vaccine participants are being entered and verified in the PeduliLindung and PCare systems. This is done to ensure whether the data entered is valid and as a requirement to be recorded in the national database. Now, this verification process needs to be carried out to prevent data falsification and integrate provincial vaccination data with national data. For additional information, this verification process will take at least 1x24 hours. If it is still in progress, you have to check your status regularly. 


Ready to Be Vaccinated (Siap Divaksinasi)

If you get this status, it's a sign that you can print the Vaccination Card and Control Card. Then, you can go to the selected vaccination center to be administered a vaccine shot. Don't forget to prepare yourself by getting enough rest and stick to health protocols both before and after getting the vaccine!


Now, we hope that you're more familiar with vaccination registration status, right? So, you do not need to feel confused anymore when registering vaccinations at JAKI. For difficulties when printing control cards and vaccination cards, there is no need to worry during the time of registering using the correct full name and NIK, because the verification process will be done in a timely manner. Before registering, you can check the availability of vaccines in the vaccination center and the name of the vaccine available by clicking on this link.Most importantly, protect yourself and the people around you by registering for vaccinations through JAKI. You can download this super apps from Jakarta through Google Play Storeor App Store.

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