07 Feb 2023

Exploring Kebayoran Lama Skywalk

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

07 Feb 2023

After nine months of construction, the Skywalk Kebayoran Lama in South Jakarta was inaugurated on Friday, January 27, 2023 by the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono. Connecting two modes of transportation — Transjakarta and the KRL Commuter Line — this skywalk enhances community mobility by facilitating the switching of transportation modes during activities.

Facilities such as 13 surveillance cameras (CCTVs) ensure public safety and make it comfortable for people to use the Skywalk Kebayoran Lama. Want to know what makes this skywalk unique? Check out the article to find out!

Integration of Transportation


Integrasi Transportasi

The Skywalk in Kebayoran Lama demonstrates the dedication of the Jakarta Provincial Government to establish a comprehensive public transportation system. The skywalk facilitates the integration of different modes of transportation through the use of Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The skywalk connects two Transjakarta stops, Velbak in Corridor 13 and Kebayoran Lama in Corridor 8, as well as the Kebayoran Lama KRL Commuter Line station, making mobility easier. There are four registration doors at Kebayoran Lama Station and two access doors at the Velbak bus stop, providing ample entry and exit options.

Three lifts with a capacity of one ton make accessing the 18-meter Velbak Bus Stop easy. The elevators have the capacity to serve 8-10 people, with priority given to high-need passengers such as the disabled, pregnant women, and the elderly. The skywalk not only reduces traffic congestion, but also offers a safe walking option for pedestrians and avoids road hazards.

Longest Skywalk in Jakarta


Skywalk Kebayoran Lama

The Kebayoran Lama Skywalk stretches 450 meters long, with a width of 3.6 meters and a railing height of 1.25 meters. Smartcitizens only need less than ten minutes to walk on the longest skywalk in Jakarta. The presence of the Kebayoran Lama Skywalk can shorten travel time to change Transjakarta corridors, or change modes of transportation from Transjakarta to KRL and vice versa.

Access to the skywalk is available through elevators, escalators, and stairs. As you travel, you can also enjoy a scenic view of Jakarta from a height.

Tourist Attractions


Taman Puring

Located in the Kebayoran Lama area, South Jakarta, this skywalk is one of the strategic places as a city tourist spot. You can explore various culinary places, parks, or shopping centers, as they are close to this skywalk. For this reason, the Kebayoran Lama Skywalk can be an option to take a break after work, or enjoy vacation time using public transportation.

Taman Langsat or Taman Puring is suitable for those of you who need a natural atmosphere in the middle of the city and need healing not far from the skywalk. Taman Puring is about 700 meters from the skywalk and can be reached on foot in about five minutes. Here there are child-friendly tourist facilities and Taman Puring Market for those of you who want to stop by to shop for accessories and second-hand goods. Meanwhile, Taman Langsat, which is 2.2 kilometers from the skywalk, provides a cool atmosphere thanks to shady trees and a running track for exercise.

Gandaria City and Mayestik Market are suitable for those who enjoy culinary, hanging out, shopping, or completing their hobbies while washing their eyes. Both places can be reached in about ten minutes on foot from Skywalk Kebayoran Lama. There are also various restaurants and textile shopping places for you to have a look at fashion products.

Not only the skywalk neighbourhood is full of tourist spots. Skywalk Kebayoran Lama can also be one of the tourist attractions that you can enjoy too. Equipped with 200 LED lights and 215 RGB lights, the skywalk is very beautiful at night. Plus, the view of Jakarta from behind can be a pleasant experience.

You can also see other tourist spots using the JAKI application through the JakPeta feature. So, which tourist spot do you want to visit?

Fitur JakPeta

Those are some unique things about Skywalk Kebayoran Lama. Let’s continue to protect public facilities in Jakarta and monitor the latest news on JSC social media.

While traveling by Transjakarta, you can check the schedule easily through the JakLingko feature in the JAKI application, so you can go anywhere without worrying about being late.

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