10 Mar 2022

What is a Smart Economy and What Are Its Benefits?

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

10 Mar 2022

In realizing a smart city, Jakarta must implement seven important indicators, namely Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Government, Smart Environment, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, and Smart Branding. One of the indicators whose application is now growing in Jakarta is the Smart Economy. Smartcitizen, do you know what Smart Economy is? Let’s find out more.

Get to Know Smart Economy

Economic developments are essential for a city to run and survive. The presence of the Smart City concept then brought changes to the wheels of the urban economy known as the Smart Economy.

Smart Economy is an economy based on technological innovation, resource efficiency, sustainability, and high social welfare. Smart Economy adopts innovations, new entrepreneurial initiatives, increases productivity and competitiveness, with the overall goal of improving the quality of life of all citizens.

In Jakarta, the smart economy concept that is trying to be implemented is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and a spirit of innovation to the community to achieve high productivity.

Smart Economy in Smart Cities in the World

Cities that declare themselves as smart cities must have programs that support Smart Economy.  Take Seoul, South Korea, for example, which claims to be a city that was reborn as Smart Economy City in 2020. Seoul has smart economic projects, one of which is the construction of a special industrial complex containing the 4 main industries in Korea, which are clothing, jewelry, printing, machinery. This development is aimed at the activation of industry and the creation of jobs.

In addition to Korea, the city of New York in the United States created a platform called Business Atlasto help businesses research the economic conditions around the area in which they will set up shop. As a free online portal, Business Atlas features maps with interactive data on demographics, restaurant density, revenue, and even foot traffic.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is implementing a Smart Economy by presenting a Networked Trade Platformwhich is a one-stop service for various business management and trade permit applications that can be processed in just one hour.

Then, what about Jakarta? Referring to the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) of DKI Jakarta Province, there are six roles of smart city pillars, which are a well-established and globally connected economic sector, good and continuous research and innovation capacity, comfortable to live in, attractive cultural value for visitors, a clean, comfortable and sustainable environment, and connected intra- and inter-city. The first pillar, an established and globally connected economic sector, is directly related to the smart economy ecosystem.

Jakarta Smart City's Roles in Building The Smart City Ecosystem

Smart Economy in Jakarta

As a smart city, Jakarta is also certainly not left behind with other smart cities. Jakarta also has various Smart Economy programs that are beneficial for its citizens. These programs include:


JakPreneur is a MSME development program in Jakarta that supports creation and collaboration in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  With JakPreneur, MSME actors will receive training, mentoring, marketing, and even lessons to access capital. JakPreneur information and registration can be accessed through the JAKI application.

JakPreneur as the implementation of Smart Economy in Jakarta

Groceries Prices

This JAKI feature gives you information about the prices of staple foods in Jakarta. You can compare prices in each market, so you can shop more economically. 

Groceries Price feature as the implementation of Smart Economy in Jakarta


This portal contains job vacancies to make it easier for Jakarta residents to find work. This portal can be accessed through JAKI.

JakNaker as the implementation of Smart Economy in Jakarta


JakOne Pay

In collaboration with Bank DKI, JakOne Pay is a non-cash payment alternative that can be accessed on JAKI.

JakLingko Card 

JakLingko card is a card that can be used to pay for various modes of transportation in Jakarta, from Transjakarta buses to Microtrans angkots (microbus).

Startup Development with the Gerakan 1000 Startup Nasional

For optimal results, the implementation of Smart Economy cannot be done alone by the government. Therefore, Jakarta Smart City invites all stakeholders to collaborate in the Future City Hub. Future City Hub is a collaboration space that brings together the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as problem owners with startups, academics, and collaborators as problem solvers to solve urban problems.

One of them is through the hackathon program, namely Hack4ID which collaborates with the National 1000 Startup Movement. There are two hackathon programs that have been implemented, namely Hack4ID x Jakarta Smart City and Hack4ID x Jakarta Smart City. In the Hack4ID activity, newly formed startups will present potential ideas and work collaboratively to overcome the strategic problems that Jakarta has and the JAKI application in providing services to the community.

Hack4ID x JAKI as the implementation of Smart Economy in Jakarta

Organizing these kinds of collaborative activities triggers the development of information and communication technology innovations that can solve city problems. Apart from that, startups formed from hackathons can help accelerate the development of the digital startup ecosystem. The gathering of various stakeholders in Hack4ID activities can also attract more investors for startups.

Various activities to improve citizens’ competencies

Through Jakarta Smart City, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government also organizes various activities that can improve citizen competence. For example, JSC Hands On Workshop, Data Science Trainee, and JSC Goes to School. By participating in these activities, it is hoped that residents, especially the younger generation, will be equipped with knowledge about Information and Communication Technology, able to compete and develop in industry, and indirectly help shape the economic sector.

Be a Part of a Smarter Jakarta Economy

Jakarta is one of the cities in the world that continues to strive to develop Smart Economy indicators so that the quality of life of citizens is increasing.  With the various conveniences provided in Jakarta, it's time for you to be a smart part of the economy by using various Smart Economy features at JAKIand use the JakLingko card for easy mobility in Jakarta.  Let's be a part of the smarter Jakarta economy!

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