26 Oct 2023

Get Emergency Assistance in Jakarta Through JAKI

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Amira Sofa

26 Oct 2023

The natural situation in Jakarta recently has made us constantly vigilant. The hot weather caused by El Niño makes us uncomfortable. It can even lead to disasters such as firesif we do not care enough about it. When such critical situations occur, access to emergency contacts is key to saving everything, including lives.

The Jakarta Provincial Government provides a super app called JAKI, equipped with the Emergency Contact feature. This feature gives us a list of emergency contacts. Thus, we are able to quickly access them when the situation requires an immediate response or assistance. To ensure everyone stays safe, let's take a look at the details below!

Accessing the Emergency Contact Feature in JAKI

The Emergency Contact feature on JAKI contains emergency numbers for critical situations. Of all those numbers, you can contact the one that fulfills your needs based on the emergency that you are in.

It is easy to access the numbers. First, download the JAKI application on your device, available on the  Google Play Storeor Apple App Store. Take notes on how to use it:

  1. Type "Emergency Contact" in the JAKI search bar.

  1. Select the Emergency Contact feature.

  1. Click on the contact number you want to call.

  1. The emergency number appears on your device, and then press call.

Access Emergency Contact in JAKI

List of emergency contact numbers on JAKI

You can also follow other methods, such as:

  1. Access from the Home page:

  • click the More button on the JAKI Home Page; and
  • select the Emergency Contact feature in the Reports and Emergencies section.

  1. Explore by Category: 

  • scroll down the Home Page;
  • look at the Explore by Category section; 
  • swipe left on the screen and select Reporting and Emergencies; and
  • click on Emergency Contact.


Access Emergency Contact in JAKI

  The Reporting and Emergencies category in JAKI for accessing the Emergency Contact feature.

Up to now, this feature includes emergency numbers such as:

  • Jakarta Siaga: Emergency assistance for life-threatening situations in Jakarta, such as medical emergencies, security disturbances, natural disasters, accidents, domestic violence, and suicide tendencies.
  • Layanan Informasi dan Nomor: Information such as domestic area codes and international area codes is based on Telkom's customer service.
  • PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia/Indonesian Red Cross): Assistance in saving lives or aiding victims of disasters in need of blood donation.
  • Polisi: Police handling reports of criminal activities, accidents, disasters, and riots, as well as handling complaints such as defamation, threats, and violence.
  • Posko Bencana Alam: Rescuing victims during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and providing assistance for clothing, food, or shelter.
  • Posko Kewaspadaan Nasional: National-scale security assistance.
  • (SAR) Search and Rescue: Assistance in searching for, rescuing, or saving missing or presumed missing individuals in disasters.
  • Sentra Informasi Keracunan: Assistance for poisoning victims, poison prevention, and information about potentially poisonous substances.

Other Emergency Reporting and Services Features on JAKI

Integrating the emergency contacts above into the Emergency Contact feature will expedite urgent service processes and reduce the risk of emergencies. In addition, the Jakarta Provincial Government offers other emergency assistance through JAKI features, such as:

  • Citizen Report: a service to report problems in Jakarta, either through photo or video submissions by prioritizing reporters’ data privacy.
  • Ambulance: 24/7 free ambulance calls. Before using this feature, remember to enable your device's location so the ambulance can pick you up. After that, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number so the staff can contact you. Then, press the emergency button for three seconds on the screen to make a call.

Be Wise When Using These Services

Emergency services are undoubtedly essential for our safety. So, remember to use them wisely! You are strongly encouraged to call the emergency contacts only when experiencing critical situations. If emergency services are misused without a valid reason, assistance for those in genuine need may be delayed.

Let us make the most of this convenience for the well-being of all! Do you need more information about emergency services in Jakarta? Follow the socials of  Jakarta Smart City  and @jakisuperapp!

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