01 Apr 2022

Get to Know Jakarta's Newest Flood Control System


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

01 Apr 2022

Smartcitizen, you probably already know that Jakarta continues striving to carry out various mitigation efforts so that floods in Jakarta can be overcome.  Starting from the Gerebek Lumpur program in the form of dredging mud at various river and setu points in Jakarta, to making infiltration wells so that rainwater is optimally absorbed and does not cause inundations.  So far, Jakarta residents have been able to find out about flood points from the JakPantau feature in the JAKI application and find out various flood information in Jakarta through the official website pantaubanjir.jakarta.go.id.

Now, adding to the long list of efforts to overcome floods in Jakarta, there is a Flood Management System based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  Although it is still in the initiation phase, which is the initial stage of development, this system has been nominated for two international award events, those are the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes for the AL C7 category, ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life E-science and IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Awards in the category of Public Safety - Next-Generation Emergency Services.  Curious about how this system works and what are the benefits for  floods-handling in Jakarta? Let's dig deep.

IoT and AI based

Flood management in Jakarta faces so many challenges in its handling.  One of the challenges so far is the manual input of data, so that information related to flooding is relatively slow and less accurate in predicting floods.  In addition, the existing flood detection tools are still ineffective.  Now, to answer this challenge, the Flood Control System comes with technology to automatically identify and distribute flood-related information in Jakarta, in order to predict potential floods and become the basis for optimal flood management.  That way, this system will become a Knowledge Management System in dealing with floods in DKI Jakarta.

This Flood Management System utilizes Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology, by installing 178 sensors in pump houses in the Jakarta area that can measure rainfall, vibration, temperature, water level, and water flow.  This IoT sensor tool is then integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in processing and analyzing data.

The incoming data from the sensors that have been installed will become a real-time monitoring, surveillance, and flood control system.  This will provide a comprehensive picture of potential flood conditions in Jakarta, resulting in a flood prediction model.  These images and models can not only serve as an early warning for the public, but can also encourage the creation of data-driven policies or data-based policies related to flood management in Jakarta.  In addition to the use of technology for mitigation before the flood, this technology can be used during a flood by setting the operation of the floodgates and pumps automatically, depending on real-time conditions.

Ease of Monitoring and Making Data-Based Policy

Streaming data from IoT sensor devices connected with critical on-site data that is processed and analyzed in real-time, plays a very important role in flood prevention, preparation, and response.

With this Flood Management System, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government can monitor, supervise, and manage floods automatically.  This makes it easier for DKI Jakarta Provincial Government officials to make decisions to mitigate flooding, according to the potential for existing floods.  Likewise in making decisions related to asset management in river flows and determining strategic steps for flood management at the pre-event, incident, and post-event stages.

In addition to playing an important role for government officials, this system will also facilitate access to information for the public regarding the potential for flooding in Jakarta.

Support Jakarta to be the Winner of WSIS Prizes and IDC Award

As a smart city, Jakarta continues striving to optimize technology and information to solve various city problems, including flooding.  This Flood Management System is a gateway for better and more effective flood management in the future.

This initiative, which has been nominated for the IDC Awards and WSIS Prizes, proves that the system is not only considered good, but is also expected to work effectively in dealing with floods in Jakarta.  You can also take part so that the Flood Control System in Jakarta can continue to develop and be increasingly recognized by the world's citizens, competing with various technologies from other countries.  To support Jakarta to be the winner at the IDC Awards, you can send your vote hereuntil April 7, 2022. Meanwhile, to support Jakarta to become the winner of the WSIS Prizes, you can submit your vote here

Let's support Jakarta to become a smarter city, so that we as citizens can live comfortably and safely.

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