04 Dec 2023

Meet JAKI, Jakarta's Super App!

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

04 Dec 2023

As we are still amidst the euphoria of Jakarta's 496th Anniversary, Jakarta Smart City has a good news for you! Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app, which is owned by the Jakarta Provincial Government and developed by JSC, has just released its newest version, JAKI 3.0. The release of the application was carried out on Jakarta's birthday, 22 June 2023. It is hoped that JAKI 3.0 becomes a present for Jakarta, that can make digital public services accessing becomes easier for citizens.

As we know, as a super-app of  Jakarta, JAKI integrates more than 50 digital public services from Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD). The JAKI 3.0 has several updates, such as bilingual JAKI, service personalization, and service categorization. What does it look like? Let’s find out together!

JAKI Bilingual

Jakarta is in progress to improve and prepare itself to become a global city. Therefore, the JAKI 3.0 application is equipped with bilingual functions, which are in Indonesian and English. To change the app’s language, you can access the Profile menu, then click EN to select English and ID to select Indonesian in the Language section. JAKI will automatically appear in the language you choose. With the availability of these two languages, the JAKI application is expected to reach expatriates and foreign tourists out, so they can use the app to access digital public services during their stay in Jakarta.


JAKI 3.0 comes with bilingual version: Indonesian and English Language
JAKI 3.0 comes with bilingual version: Indonesian and English Language


Services Personalization 

JAKI’s latest appearance is adjusted to the needs of users who come from various backgrounds. There are several backgrounds or user profiles that you can find in JAKI 3.0, such as student, office worker, job seeker, entrepreneurs, and homemaker. Users can select the type of profile that best suits them. Then, users will be offered the most suitable features and services to support their needs according to their profile.


JAKI 3.0 comes with services personalization

Services Categorization 

In addition to services personalization, the JAKI 3.0 application display also comes with a categorization of services, such as health, transportation, population, education, reports and emergencies, career and business, social and economic, recreation, sports, environment, public information, partnerships, and government management. So, when using JAKI 3.0, users can choose categories according to the topics or activities they are interested in. After selecting the desired category, users will be presented with features, service recommendations, and shortcuts to applications belonging to collaborators that best fit their category.

JAKI 3.0 comes with services categorization

Search Bar and Recommendation for Users

In JAKI 3.0, there are also two new features on Home, namely the search bar and Recommended for You. The search bar makes it easier for users to search for features and services based on keywords. Meanwhile, Recommended for You contains recommendations that can be used as a guide for four groups of JAKI users: newcomers to Jakarta, new JAKI users, users who want to exercise in Jakarta, and users who want to explore Jakarta.

JAKI 3.0 comes with a search bar


JAKI 3.0 comes with recommendation for users

JAKI's innovation will not stop here. In the future, it is hoped that the digital public services integrated by JAKI will become more numerous and varied, so that JAKI will make it even easier for Jakarta citizens, businessmen, or tourists in accessing official information and services. Do you want to try the new experience of using JAKI? Let’s update the app or download it through the Google Play Storeas well as Apple App Store.

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