10 May 2023

JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko: A Visit to SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

10 May 2023

Who’s always been waiting for the JSC Goes to School updates here? If you are one of them, good news for you! Recently, Jakarta Smart City (JSC) has visited another school. Through the latest edition of JSC Goes to School (JGTS), JSC is collaborating with JakLingko to educate the students of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta.

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

During the occasion, Imam Prasetia, Jakarta Smart City Senior Customer Product Knowledge and Shucy Rahmadhani as JakLingko Indonesia's Head of Corporate Communications shared their insights regarding public services from JSC and JakLingko which can bring benefits to students. Curious to know more? Check out the article below! 

JGTS Feat JakLingko: Introducing the Leading Digital Public Service for Students

Like the previous JSC Goes to School volume, JGTS Feat JakLingko is implemented as an effort from Jakarta Smart City in collaboration with technology companies to prepare high school, vocational and MA students to be able to recognize and face digital industries as well as its challenges. Through JSC Goes to School, not only students in Jakarta can get new insights, but also networking opportunities with digital industry activists, E-certificates, as well as prizes in the form of vouchers.

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko was held on May 9 2023 in the hall of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta. A total of 414 participants from class 11 attended the activity. The event started at 10.00 WIB with a screening of the Jakarta Smart City profile video. Then, the Principal of SMKN 57 Jakarta gave a welcoming speech. After that, the moderator opened the event, conveyed the activity rules, and introduced the first speaker from JakLingko.

Through the sharing session with JakLingko, Shucy Rahmadhani explained about the JakLingko application and how easy it is to connect more than one mode of MRT, LRT and Transjakarta transportation with just one click on the application. There are six highlighted features, which are as follows.

  • Almost 50% cashback with integrated fares for trips of more than one mode for MRT, LRT and Transjakarta;
  • Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) feature for Transjakarta, MRT Jakarta, KRL Commuter, and LRT Jakarta;
  • PPOB feature to pay for daily needs such as BPJS, electricity tokens, pulses;
  • Features of ordering transportation tickets in a practical way; And
  • Transportation Card feature to connect electronic money in the JakLingko application.

Apart from that, Suchy also shared about the JakLingko integration tariff which allows you to pay less for trips with more than one transportation mode (using MRT, LRT, or Transjakarta). This integration fee applies to modes of transportation that only pass bus stops or stations and does not apply to the use of cards/applications for non-BRT Transjakarta, public transportation, or integration with online motorcycle taxis. By presenting this, it is hoped that all of the JakLingko’s services can be utilized by students during their mobility while studying, as well as other activities. After the presentation of the material, the speaker asked several questions to the participants. Participants who answered correctly receive merchandises from JSC and JakLingko. Likewise with the participants who asked questions during the question and answer session with the speaker.

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

In the second half of the event, it was Imam's turn to explain about Jakarta Smart City and how JSC utilizes data integration in solving urban problems in Jakarta through various products, such as the CRM complaint channel application, the Jakarta Response Covid-19 website, and especially the JAKIapplication. Apart from that, he also introduced several of JAKI's features that can support access to learning, career, creativity, and health, such as JakWiFi, JakNaker, JakLingko, to information on Jakarta Smart Card Assistance (KJP). Just like the first sharing session, after the presentation, a quiz on the material presented was also held.

Afterwards, participants had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speaker. Several contestants who asked questions and participants with the most correct answers during the quiz received merchandise from the committee. JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko ended by the moderator reading the conclusions and students filling out the feedback form as part of the committee's evaluation.

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan
JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

What Do JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko Participant Say?

Considering that the goal of JSC Goes to School is to prepare future talents to get to know and deal with the digital industry, impressions and feedback from the participating students are needed.

After the event, the Jakarta Smart City team approached two students at SMKN 57 South Jakarta, Zaki and Miranda to ask about their impressions as well as messages and input, both for JSC Goes to School and the JAKI application. We also interviewed the Principal of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta, Valentina Purnama Dewi on the same matter. The following are excerpts from the interview with them.

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

Zaki, student of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

Miranda, student of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta

JSC Goes to School di SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta Selatan

Valentina Purnama Dewi, Headmistress of SMK Negeri 57 South Jakarta

JSC: “How do you feel about JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko today?”

Zaki: “The event was really lively! The presentations of the speakers were also informative and detailed.”

Miranda: “It was cool. Besides the information being educative, the way the speaker presented the material was also interesting and easy to understand."

Mrs. Valen: “Nice and very interesting! The students told me that they understood more about smart cities and JakLingko."

JSC: “Is there any feedback for JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko?”

Zaki: “Today's socialization was great. My suggestion might be to present the materials using animation to make it even more exciting."

Miranda: "I wish there were more similar events so more people would know about JAKI and public services in Jakarta."

Mrs. Valen: “Maybe the next event can include games related to the smart city program so that students can understand it more easily.”

JSC: “What kind of transportation do you use on a daily basis?”

Zaki: "I use Transjakarta and KRL everyday, because my house happens to be close to the Tije bus stop and Pasar Minggu Station.”

Miranda: "I often use Transjakarta. It's easy, safe, and comfortable."

Mrs. Valen: “Transjakarta. The connection is fast, there are no traffic jams, and the lanes are on the main roads."

JSC: “Where did you first learn about the JAKI app and what is your favorite feature?”

Zaki: "I first learned about JAKI from the socialization in the village during the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time I used JAKI to book for vaccination appointment. However, my favorite feature is JakLingko because I can easily check MRT, LRT, and Tije schedules."

Miranda: “I just found out about the JAKI application today during JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko. Pantau Banjir catches my attention the most.”

Mrs. Valen: "I first knew the app from the local government because it is a must for our students to know and use JAKI. My favorite feature is JakSehat since we use it often to report the transmission of Covid-19 in the school environment.”

JSC: “How did you feel the first time you used the JAKI application?”

Zaki: "Very happy because it turns out to have a variety of features."

Miranda: "I'm really interested and can't wait to introduce this application to other friends."

Mrs. Valen: “Easy to use and quick to learn.”

JSC: “What are your hopes for JAKI in the future?”

Zaki: "Hopefully, the app’s navigation can be smoother and the app would add more features, such as for buying tickets online."

Miranda: "I hope JAKI can be more integrated with other public services so that the features are more complete!"

Mrs. Valen: "Hopefully, there will be more information on Jakarta’s tourism in JAKI for vocational schools like ours to access.” 

That’s on the the recap of JSC Goes to School Feat JakLingko and the testimonies of students as well as the Principal of SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta. Let’s hope for their wishes to come true, okay? Do you want to get insight regarding smart cities such as SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta? Register your school as a JSC Goes to School participant! You can do this by sending an e-mail to smartcity@jakarta.go.id. See you at the next JSC Goes to School!

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