If Jakarta Has 30% Green Open Space


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

13 Feb 2020

Do you know what Green Open Space (RTH) is? As the name suggests, green open space is an open area that becomes a place to grow plants naturally and intentionally planted. Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia also has green open spaces in many areas, but it is still not enough. Now, to make a greener Jakarta, a more comfortable and sustainable city, Jakarta has to reach 30% of Green open space (RTH) by 2030.

Smartcitizen, what will happen if Jakarta has 30% green open space?

The Greener and Richer Ecosystems

With the increase in green open space in Jakarta, of course, will also increase the number of various types of plants and trees. The increasing intensity of plants and trees will make Jakarta much greener even though it is in an urban area. The increased diversity of plants and animals is a treasure of biodiversity that makes the food chain of the green space ecosystem run well.

Jakarta with a great biodiversity of ecosystems will make it a natural learning center for its citizens and makes them getting closer with nature. 

The cooler and cleaner the air

More and more plants and trees in green open space affect air quality. It turns out that the tree is able to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Trees are naturally able to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during photosynthesis. Interestingly, in addition to carbon dioxide, trees can also help absorb nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide from the atmosphere. In other words, the trees in the green open space can trap poison particles and reduce pollutants effectively.

The moisture from trees emitted into the air will also help cool the air. According to research conducted by Shashua-Bar and Hoffman in 2000, the cooling effect of green open space is felt up to 100 meters away.

Smartcitizen, if green space in Jakarta reaches 30%, there will be more trees that can act as natural coolers and natural filters for pollution. Jakarta will be a cooler and cleaner city. Especially if you increase walking, biking and using public transportation to get around Jakarta.

The More Comfortable the Environment

Now, we know that the amount of green open space will make the air cooler. The cleaner and cooler air will make the city more comfortable to live in. There are still more benefits from increasing green space for the convenience of our environment.

Increasing green open space will also increase the rainwater absorption area. Green open space can be a storage of infiltration water because vegetation of various plants can control water through the infiltration process. Trees can also absorb noise, so you can enjoy the sound of nature without the blaring traffic in the background. 30% of green open space in Jakarta will make Jakarta more comfortable with a beautiful and calm environment as well as great rainwater absorbent.

The Healthier and Happier Citizens

There have been many studies that prove that green open space can improve health. Smartcitizen, toxic particles from air pollution carried to the lungs can cause chronic diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis. Well, as you already know, trees are able to trap poisonous particles through the surface of their leaves. This is what makes green open spaces will improve the health of the citizens.

Green open spaces that can be accessed by the public, such as city parks, can also attract people to exercise there. You and other residents can walk, run, exercise, and do other sports activities. With exercising in a clean and comfortable green open space, your health will also improve and protect you from various diseases that harm your body.

Did you know that green open space can contribute significantly to reduce stress, depression and even dementia? Yup, it turns out that green plants can relax your body. That relaxed and comfortable feeling can help reduce stress and improve your mental health. If the green open space in Jakarta continues to increase, it will be easier for you to enjoy a greener environment.. Not only your physical health will improve, but your mental health too!

The Closer Citizens

Green open space will not only be a space for trees and wild ecosystems to grow but is also expected to be a comfortable space. For example, urban parks as one of the green open spaces are designed to be centers of ecosystems as well as the interactions of the citizens. 

Do you know? The Canadian Parks / Recreation Association found that if a family spends time in green open space, they will have a positive impact on their relationships. In relation to that, an area that is green, cool, and equipped with adequate facilities will equally attract the citizens to gather and interact with one another. Therefore, there will be efforts to replenish urban parks with various community activities which will certainly help revive urban parks in Jakarta. You will easily meet and interact with various walks of life, from children, adults, to the elderly.

Become a Smart People to Help Realize Green Jakarta

Jakarta's green open space has to reach 198.70 km² to achieve 30% availability of Green Open Space. Tarsoen Waryono, an expert in urban forests and urban ecosystems from the Universitas Indonesia (UI), said that 30 percent of green open space (RTH) in DKI Jakarta can still be managed. The Provincial Government of Jakarta also showed its good intentions by planning the construction of parks and expanding green open spaces in Jakarta. Then, how can we become part of a greener Jakarta?

Following one of the smart city indicators, which is smart people, we can help in maintaining existing green open spaces. You can help by no littering and applying the concept of minimal waste living, maintaining public facilities, using public transportation, and reducing the use of private vehicles, also by helping to plant various kinds of plants around your house. 

Let's make Jakarta a greener city.



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