07 Nov 2023

Here Are Five Rarely Reported Categories in JAKI

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara

07 Nov 2023

As a citizen of Jakarta, what violations or conditions bother you? Is it an act of burning rubbish carelessly? Puddle? Or messy electrical wiring? Those are several categories that are often reported by Jakarta residents. To cross-check it, you can look at the categories of reports sent by residents via the Citizen Reports feature in JAKI.

Five Rarely Reported Categories in JAKI

Apart from the categories that are often reported, it turns out that JAKI also has other categories of problems that you can report. Below is the list, so that you are informed and can report related problems via JAKI if you find one.

Five Categories of Problems That Can Be Reported to JAKI

The Citizen Report feature, previously known as JakLapor, has been around since 2019. Up to now, the Citizen Report feature has 118 categories that you can report. Of the 118 categories, some are rarely reported, such as:

  1. Excavation/Remaining Project Complaints

Have you ever been strolling around and found project debris blocking the road? Or project excavations that interfere with your activities as a driver? If you encounter a case like this, you might think about reprimanding the officer directly. But sometimes, project officers have limited ability to respond. That's when you can report your complaint via JAKI under the Keluhan Galian/Sisa Proyek (Excavation/Project Remains) Complaint category.

Not only is it rare, but this category itself is one of those that has never been reported by JAKI users since the feature was released in October 2023. However, don't worry if you want to report it! The Citizen Report feature in JAKI is designed with the concept of privacy by design and privacy by default so that JAKI guarantees the confidentiality of reporter data and anticipates data leaks.

  1. BPJS

Health and employment insurance are no less important than basic needs. We could fall ill or stop working at any time. Having health insurance such as the Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS), including both BPJS Kesehatan (Health) and Ketenagakerjaan (Employment), means that we are one step closer to being helped to get the social security protection that we are entitled to.

So, for those of you who encounter problems when you want to take care of BPJS or other complaints when you have registered as a member, you can report via JAKI with the BPJS category. Other than that, you can also report to JAKI as an alternative to reporting directly to the BPJS office, because your report in JAKI will be directly linked to the relevant office. As of October 2023, only 19 reports regarding BPJS have been submitted via JAKI.

  1. Immoral actions

Smart cities do not only need to prioritize technological innovation but also community dynamics. If we reflect on what often happens in Jakarta, we have adequate public transportation facilities as an application of smart mobility. However, cases of immoral acts, such as sexual harassment and violence, often occur in modes of transportation.

If we see or become victims of immoral acts, of course, we cannot remain silent. Reprimanding the perpetrator, reporting it to the authorities, and making it viral on social media so that other people are more careful is what victims and witnesses of immoral acts can do. Apart from that, JAKI also offers other reporting alternatives. You can report immoral acts via the Citizen Report feature on JAKI. After the report is qualified, officers will follow up on the report by forwarding it to the relevant Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD). Don't forget, to select the Tindakan Asusila (Immoral Actions) category.

  1. Crossing Bridges (JPO) and/or bus stops

For those of you who enjoy traveling in Jakarta, you may be familiar with crossing pedestrian bridges (JPOs) or bus stops, so you might find problems or complaints there. For example, a bus stop whose roof has been damaged and is feared to endanger its users if it collapses, or a pedestrian bridge lift that is no longer functioning, making it difficult for people with disabilities to use the bridge. 

You can report such problems via JAKI. From 2019 to October 2023, only 70 reports about JPOs or bus stops were submitted to JAKI. You can be the next reporter by taking a photo and sending your report via the Citizen Report feature. Remember. when reporting, select Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang (JPO) dan/atau Halte (Pedestrian Bridges (JPO) and/or Bus Stops) at the category selection stage.

By reporting damage to facilities or other complaints about JPOs or bus stops, imagine how many people you can help or even avoid them from danger. Therefore, do not hesitate to report.

  1. Advertisement 

Placing advertisements or banners on the side of the road is legal unless it violates the rules. For example, advertisements or banners are put up, but taxes are not paid. Other cases include billboards or banners that are too large, so their placement interferes with the vision of road users, especially motorized vehicles. Another case, for example, is when you find an advertisement that is inconsistent with local norms. When discussing these conditions, you have the right to report them. To report problematic advertisements or banners, select the Reklame (Advertisement) category.

Tips for Reporting Via JAKI

Regardless of the category of your report, you can report via the Citizen Report feature in JAKI by following these steps:

  1. Select the Citizen Report feature;
  2. Click the speaker symbol at the bottom right of the page;
  3. Select Report Photo to report by sending a photo. Select Report Video to report with video;
  4. Read the Reporting Directions. Click the agreement column if you have read and understood. Click the Create Report button;
  5. Take photos or videos of the incident you want to report. Click Use;
  6. Include the location of the report. Click the button if the location is the same as the photo location;
  7. Fill in descriptions of location-specific features if necessary;
  8. Click Next;
  9. Tell the contents of the report in detail, clearly and concisely. You can use recommended words if you have difficulty. Next Click;
  10. Select a report category;
  11. Review the report. If it is correct, check the approval column and click Submit;
  12. Your report has been successfully sent!

The Citizen Report feature has been designed so that your reports become private automatically. However, you can also make sure again by selecting private mode, so that the report can only be seen by you and the officer. Another option is a public mode that you can use if you want other users to be able to see, support, or comment on your report.

For even safer privacy, avoid taking photos showing things that could reveal your identity, such as your photo, house, biodata in your documents, etc. Don't have the JAKI application yet? Download it via the Google Play Storeor Apple App Storefor free. 

You already know what categories are rare, but apparently, you can report them via JAKI. So, the next time you discuss this issue, don't remain silent. Let's take part in action to make a better Jakarta by reporting problems using JAKI!

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