25 May 2021

Jakpreneur: A Collaboration in Supporting MSMEs in Jakarta

by:Aditya Gagat Hanggara, Teresa Simorangkir

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

25 May 2021

It is no longer a secret that Jakarta has human resources that are not only large in number but also have a lot of potentials. So it would be very unfortunate if these opportunities were simply passed, without any effort to invite and involve them to stimulate the capital's economy.

Aware of this, the Government of Jakarta has taken the initiative by creating a platform that can be utilized by the community to establish and advance their business on a micro, small, to medium scale (MSME).

This idea successfully came to fruition with the presence of the Integrated Entrepreneurship Program in February 2020. The program then gets a modern touch in the form of a brand called Jakpreneur, which is a combination of the word Jakarta and the word entrepreneurship.

What is Jakpreneur?

Jakpreneur is a platform for creation, facilitation, and collaboration in the development of MSME that are carried out through an entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as start-ups, educational institutions, and financial institutions. Through this program, MSME owners will gain access to improve skills and independence in developing business potential, in collaborative ways between the provincial government, education sector, business sector, the community, institutions, and/or other parties.

If you encounter problems in developing your business and are interested in joining Jakpreneur, you can visit their official website at jakpreneur.jakarta.go.id. But, before starting the registration process, you first need to know what to prepare. As regulated in the Regulation of the Governor of DKI Jakarta No. 2 of 2020, the requirements for Jakpreneur participants are as follows:

Beginner Entrepreneur:

  1. Identity Card (KTP) from Jakarta; and
  2. Statement of plans to open a business that can be in the form of an online statement through the Jakpreneur application.

Graduating Entrepreneur:

  1. KTP from Jakarta;
  2. Proof of business ownership; and
  3. A statement letter on the plan to develop a business that can be in the form of an online statement through the Jakpreneur application.

If your KTP comes from outside Jakarta, you still can register as Jakpreneur participants with the following conditions:

  1. Domiciled and active in Jakarta for at least 2 years as evidenced by a certificate from the village head; and
  2. Receive facilities for activities that collaborate with other institutions or parties.

If you are sure that all the conditions have been met, you can press the register button in the right corner. Select 'DKI Jakarta Residents' if you are a Jakarta KTP holder, or 'Non-DKI Jakarta Residents' if you do not have a Jakarta KTP.

For those of you who have Jakarta ID cards, you only need to enter your Population Identification Number (NIK), Family Card (KK), email address, and mobile phone number. Meanwhile, for KTP holders from outside Jakarta, there are additional forms and files that you must upload. In the 'SKPD that you are interested in' field, choose the SKPD that best suits your line of business.

After everything is filled in completely, click the register button then wait for the validation email which will also give you a username and password to log in to the Jakpreneur site. After you logged in, you can choose to join as a 'Beginner Entrepreneur' or 'Graduating Entrepreneur'.

What Can Be Obtained from Jakpreneur?

Jakpreneur is ready to guide entrepreneurs through five main programs to increase their entrepreneurial capacity. However, each Jakpreneur participant has different challenges or problems. Some entrepreneurs are still in their infancy phase, while some have difficulty in searching for capital. Therefore, the types of assistance available at Jakpreneur will be tailored to the needs and business phases of each participant.


Entrepreneurs who have registered as Jakpreneur participants will receive basic and advanced level training which splits into two categories, technical and non-technical.

In technical training, business owners will receive guidance on production techniques and product development. For example, on 14 April 2021, Jakpreneur held a training entitled Budidaya Cupang dari Hobi Hingga Ekspor which was attended by Jakpreneur participants. Meanwhile, non-technical training is aimed at improving soft skills and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and competence in business management, promotion and product marketing. For more training information, please visit jakpreneur.jakarta.go.id/pelatihan

While non-technical training is aimed at improving soft skills and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit to improve business management, promotion, and product marketing competencies.


Jakpreneur was created in the spirit of collaboration between the government and the community. Therefore, every participant who has joined will also receive assistance in the form of business assistance in terms of:

  1. Marketing;
  2. Capital;
  3. Financial statements;
  4. Giving creative ideas;
  5. Change in the entrepreneurial mindset;
  6. Help find solutions to business problems;
  7. Forming a superior business owner.


To help smooth the licensing process, Jakpreneur participants will also be facilitated to obtain permits and/or non-permits documents according to the business field. The handling of documents can be done individually or collectively by the Regional Administrators of the Jakpreneur and in coordination with the Jakarta Capital Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (DPM - PTSP) Office.


Without good marketing, superior and quality products do not necessarily guarantee the success of a business. Therefore, Jakpreneur also provides marketing assistance, to bring participants' businesses to a wider and mainstream market.

The marketing of participant products by the Regional Apparatus of the Jakpreneur organizer will be held at least 12 times a year. Marketing can be done through entrepreneurial exhibitions, whether local, national, or international.

Meanwhile, marketing by local, national, and international entrepreneurship exhibition organizers will be held at least four times a year.

The marketing process can be done through direct sales or via an online system managed by the Jakpreneur Organizing Regional Apparatus, institutions, and/or other parties.

Financial Reporting and Fund Facilities

Jakpreneur provides applications that will assist participants in making good business financial reports, in compliance with capital requirements. In addition, registered participants, whether or not they have a business license, will have easy access to earn funding from banks, institutions, and/or other parties. One form of convenience offered by banks is in the form of lighter credit terms, for businesses that have been running for less than six months.

Jakpreneur for Jakarta's Economic Strength

The collaboration that is formed within the Jakpreneur environment is a long-term collaboration between the Government of Jakarta, MSME owners, and collaborators. Jakpreneur is also targeted to be the ideal platform to absorb the various benefits of information technology as well as local human resources for economic strength in Jakarta. The growth of new businesses is also expected to help improve the welfare of millions of families in the capital. Especially during these challenging times with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

As we know, MSMEs are one of the groups that have to fight hard amidst limitations during the Covid-19 pandemic. The provincial government remains committed to supporting MSME owners through online training. You can also distribute aid through the MSME Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) donation platform that was recently launched.

Get More Information on Jakpreneur through JAKI

Many small businesses are slowing down in its operations during the pandemic. Jakarta, as the central place of control for the national economy, needs to rise up immediately to restore the economic growth. So, are you interested in joining the Jakpreneur program? If the answer is yes, now you can access all Jakpreneur features through JAKI! You can access Training, Mentoring, Marketing, Capitalization, Licensing and Products, all from your smartphone! If you don't have JAKI yet, download it now through Google Play Storeor App Store! Let’s grow your business with Jakpreneur and help Jakarta to accelerate its economic growth!

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