24 Mar 2022

Take a Peek at the Jakarta International Stadium

by:Kholid Zufar Guncoro

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

24 Mar 2022

Smartcitizen, are you a football fan? If so, surely you have followed the development of the grandest football stadium in Indonesia, Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). JIS is located in North Jakarta, Tanjung Priok. Until now, the international standard football field with a capacity of 82,000 spectators has been completed up to 98%. The plan for the construction is to be completed in March. Furthermore, the inauguration of the opening JIS will be handed over to the DKI Provincial Government.  

JIS is considered magnificent because of the international-class field and the stands with tens of thousands of seats. But it is also supported by facilities that are guaranteed to make the audiences and players feel comfortable when visiting this stadium. Wow, North Jakarta residents should be proud! Come on, take a peek at the facilities at JIS!

Facilities at JIS


On the 1st floor, the plan is to provide retail rentals for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). 

Meanwhile, on the 2nd floor, there are four locker rooms for home and away teams, two-player warm-up areas, a press conference room, a media center, and a VVIP lobby.

The grass at JIS uses hybrid grass which is 95% natural grass and 5% artificial grass. The use of hybrid grass is considered to be more durable and facilitates an easier treatment for the grass. For maintenance, the grass is cut periodically, watered, and spread by Pied Stillt to eat pests.

With a capacity of up to 82,000 spectators, JIS is equipped with facilities for spectators with disabilities of 200 seats including a companion who will be located in the Tier 1 stands.

JIS has a jogging track located on the 72 meters rooftop of JIS — precisely on the Sky View Deck by accessing the 9th floor. This jogging area has a circumference of 950 meters. The jogging area will be used by the public.

JIS is the second stadium in Southeast Asia to have a retractable roof. The system used is rack and pinion (the driving system from the steering wheel is then forwarded to the roof with the help of under-steel components).

Green Building as JIS Vision

Not only the grandeur offered by JIS but also the green energy concept certified by the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). JIS is also the first building in Indonesia to be certified Greenship Platinum from GBCI. Things to fulfill this concept include the utilization of Rooftop Solar Panels, Zero Run-Off, and a Perforated Facade.

Rooftop Solar Panels are used to convert energy from sunlight into electricity. Although there is the availability of Rooftop Solar Panels at JIS, it is not the main source of energy, but rather a source of energy needed for lights in JIS public areas only. Meanwhile, the main energy needs still use electricity from PLN.

Zero Run-Off is a water conservation concept implemented at JIS. Before becoming a stadium, the area used by JIS was a park that was able to absorb rainwater. To prevent water from overflowing into the surrounding area, Zero Run-Off needs to be implemented. Rainwater captured by the stadium will be accommodated in the Rain Water Treatment (RWT), then channeled into a retention pond (reservoir pond) which will be used to water a 23-hectare landscape area. At the building level, the JIS is made 1.2 meters higher than point 0 in order to prevent water from entering the stadium.

In addition, JIS has also implemented a Perforated Facade on the stadium walls. The function is to accommodate the outside air to enter the stadium, it also to minimize the use of air conditioning which requires high electricity. With the application of the Perforated Facade, JIS will feel cool and comfortable, despite the minimal use of air conditioning.

Collaborators in JIS

There are several collaborators in JIS development. PT Jakarta Propertindo as the power of attorney. PT Virama Karya (Persero) and PT Bina Karya (Persero) KSO as construction management. And the constructors are PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung, PT Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama, and PT PP (Persero).

Accesses to JIS

To visit JIS, there are two main routes, the west ramp and the east ramp. The west ramp or Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is the main public access at JIS. Due to the limited number of parking spaces at JIS, which is around 1,300 vehicles compared to the audience capacity of 82,000, the TOD system is used on the west ramp. There will be three public transportation routes that can later be used by spectators, Transjakarta, KRL, and LRT. Transjakarta access is already availableusing route 14 (JIS - Senen) or route JIS3 (JIS - Harmoni). Meanwhile, for KRL, it is in the stage of study and an approach is to be built. Meanwhile, for the LRT, it is still in the planning stage. In addition, the eastern ramp is used to accommodate parking access outside the stadium.

JIS, The Proud of All Jakartans

As the pride of the citizens of Jakarta, JIS not only offers grandeur but also an example of a green building in Indonesia. The existence of JIS is also expected to influence buildings in Jakarta which have a similar vision. In addition, the existence of JIS will certainly be able to advance the economy of the surrounding community, especially JIS provides space for rent to MSMEs actors.

What do you have in mind, Smartcitizen? Easy access, complete facilities, and a magnificent building certainly make you impatient to visit JIS, right? Don't forget to use the available public transportation facilities if you want to come here. Oh yes, don't forget to always take care of the public facilities available at JIS because these facilities are intended for the people of Jakarta. Currently, JIS is still in the final stages of development, and cannot be used by the public yet, but you can follow the latest information about JIS on social media: @jakintstadium.


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