05 Jun 2024

Easy Registration for Healthcare Facility Queue in JAKI

by:Eva Simorangkir, Amira Sofa

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

05 Jun 2024

Tired of queueing to make a healthcare appointment? That is the old-fashioned way. Now, Smartcitizen can save time in accessing various healthcare facilities. One of them is getting a healthcare appointment right in your hand. How? You can use JAKI, the super-app!

Enjoy Efficient Healthcare Facility Queue Registration in JAKI

The Jakarta Health Agency (Dinkes DKI Jakarta) and Jakarta Smart City have collaborated to serve Jakartans efficiently. Formerly, the facilities could only be accessed through the JakSehat app. However, JAKI users can now use them as well. Here are the steps:

  • Open JAKI, scroll down the Home page and select the Health category. 

Health category on JAKI

  • If you want to immediately get a queue number, choose Healthcare Appointment.
  • Enter your NIK (Nomor Induk Kependudukan).
  • Select the healthcare facility registered under your NIK. Want to choose a different facility? You can register through the JakSehat app first!
  • You will be redirected to choose your membership type. General participants will need to bear their treatment costs, while BPJS Healthcarewill cover the expenses for its participants. If you are one of the participants, remember to enter your BPJS number.
  • Do you already know which department you want to visit? If so, then pick the polyclinic.
  • Review your registration to ensure nothing is left out.
  • Your queue ticket will appear. Remember to show this screen to the healthcare facility staff!

Antrean Faskes ticket from JAKI

Various Healthcare Solutions from JakSehat

Other than online registration for healthcare facility queue, The Jakarta Health Agency also provides other healthcare solutions in Jakarta easily. Thanks to JakSehat on JAKI, you can be served without having to come directly to the service facilities. Here are the healthcare services you can enjoy:

  • Mental health consultation

Dinkes DKI Jakarta offers mental health services through Sahabat Jiwa by JakSehat. Jakartans can consult within the network and receive appropriate assistance.

  • Check blood supply and donation

If you need the latest information about blood availability, you can find it here. In case you are interested in donating blood, you can also find out the schedule and locations for blood donation at the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI) Jakarta mobile units.

  • Check HIV and STI testing services

Dinkes DKI Jakarta is committed to accelerating the response to HIV/AIDS in Jakarta. JakTrack is also available as a screening service related to HIV and STIs (sexually transmitted infections), providing a map of mobile doctors in Jakarta who perform HIV/AIDS screenings. You can also register in the network before scheduling a consultation.

  • Check non-infectious disease risk

Aku Bugar health screening helps residents identify the risk of non-infectious diseases such as stroke. This service can also be used by those who already have them to monitor their health regularly without having to visit healthcare facilities. 

  • View climate-based dengue alerts

This service provides information about air humidity probabilities. From here, residents can learn about the growth of Aedes Aegepty mosquitoes that cause dengue fever.

  • Check disease and outbreaks 

The Jakarta Health Agency collects data from hospitals and community health centers (Puskesmas). The gathered data is useful for obtaining an overview of the health conditions in Jakarta.

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The healthcare appointment feature and other healthcare facilities are the result of the integration of JakSehat with JAKI. The Jakarta Health Agency hopes that healthcare services will always reach the wider citizens through JAKI. Yudhistira Nugraha, Director of Jakarta Smart City, is optimistic about providing effective healthcare services.

"This collaboration further enhances the integrated services of JAKI in the healthcare sector. Hopefully, the online healthcare appointment feature and the Jakarta Sehat feature in general can make it easier for residents to access healthcare services online, save time, and without the need for multiple applications," said Yudhistira.

You do not need to rush being an early bird to get a queue number. Moreover, you can choose the nearest healthcare facility from your location. So, let's download JAKIon your device to enjoy the Health Appointment feature! Need updates about features that can help you every day? Follow JAKI! Want to get information about other services from the Jakarta Provincial Government? Remember to follow Jakarta Smart Cityas well!

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