07 Jul 2023

Take a Peek at Citizen Report on JAKI 3.0

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

07 Jul 2023

Have you updated JAKI the super-app? Now, it is here with its latest version, JAKI 3.0. How cool is that? This latest version was released as a gift for Jakarta's 496th birthday! There are several changes on this super-app, for example, the feature called "JakLapor" is now called Citizen Report. Curious about its new appearance? Let's see!

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Reporting with Report Video

Noticing a problem in Jakarta and itching to report it? It is time to use the Citizen Report feature on JAKI. This feature is geotagging based, meaning you have to enable your device’s location. In 2022, there were 110,417 completed reports through complaints on JAKI. This data is visible on the official Cepat Respon Masyarakatwebsite.


Citizen Report JAKI


When you open the Citizen Report feature, you will see a list of the latest reports from Jakarta residents. Submitted and responded reports are visible there.

Citizen Report JAKI


If you want to create a report, you need to click the icon on the bottom right corner. Choose Report Foto if you want to report using a photo format, or click Report Video if you want to report using a video format.

Citizen Report JAKI


When you use Report Video, the report will be directed to an email.

Citizen Report JAKI
Citizen Report JAKI

Search by Report Category

Now, JAKI users are able to search for incoming reports based on categories or keywords. This will make it easier to search for reports, considering there are 110 available report categories. For example, if you want to see reports about trash, simply type the keyword “trash”in the search bar.

Citizen Report JAKI

Automatic Location Inclusion

Every received report must be accompanied by the location of the incident. This location is necessary for the officials to respond quickly and accurately. On JAKI 3.0, the location will be automatically included! Below is an example of a report with automatically included location.

Citizen Report JAKI


Let us all take care of Jakarta! By using the Citizen Report feature on JAKI, you become an important part of Jakarta development. Hopefully, the digital public services in Jakarta from JAKI will continue to provide convenience for its citizens. Do not forget to enjoy the latest version of JAKIand enjoy its improvement!

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