09 Oct 2023

In Numbers: CRM Reports From July-September 2023

by:Eva Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

09 Oct 2023

Jakarta, a city brimming with diversity, constantly grapples with an array of challenges. There are aspects that cause discomfort among its populace and necessitate attention. Therefore, CRM or Citizen Relation Managementis here to facilitate the follow-up of these issues. CRM integrates 13 complaint channelsto report problems in Jakarta and resolve them efficiently.

Bedah Data Laporan Juli-September 2023 dari CRM

In July-September 2023, CRM received various reports from the residents of Jakarta. Below is the complete data of reports followed up by CRM.

Numbers of July-September 2023 Citizen Reports 

All reports submitted by the public undergo a confirmation process before being forwarded to the OPD or Regional Device Organization responsible for addressing the reports. Then, the Government Bureau (Biro Pemerintahan) verifies the follow-up after it has been handled properly. The following is the amount of data received by the CRM system in July-September 2023:

  • Reports:
  • July: 15,123
  • August: 15,644
  • September: 13,999

Total reports: 44,766

  • Citizen Reporters:
  • July 2023: 5,067
  • August: 5,273
  • September: 5,251

Total citizen reporters: 12,429

It can be concluded that there were 44,766 reports received from 12,429 reporters in Jakarta.

Data for July-September 2023 from CRM

Data for July-September 2023 from CRM

Source: crm.jakarta.go.id/data-bulanan

CRM will consistently follow up on issues reported by residents. The responsible OPD promptly handles the reports to ensure their resolution. Here is the data on report resolution for July-September 2023:

  • Reports resolved: 14,823 or 98%
  • Resolution time: 95 hours or four days

Data for July-September 2023 reports that have been resolved

Data for July-September 2023 reports that have been resolved

Source: crm.jakarta.go.id/data-bulanan

Residents can report problems in various categories. Currently, the focus of attention is on roads. Citizens reported various road problems, from potholes on the sidewalks, parked vehicles that disturbed the public road, and even inconvenience due to blacked out street lights. Potholes on the roads or sidewalks can occur due to age or rain. So, the government will always be willing to handle this kind of problem. Violations committed by other citizens will be followed up firmly. Here are the five most popular report categories for July-September 2023:

  1. Roads (Jalan): 4,809 reports

  1. Illegal Parking (Parkir Liar): 4,652 reports

  1. Trees (Pohon:) 3,617 reports

  1. Garbage (Sampah): 3,318 reports

  1. Complaints about Government Building Facilities (schools, offices) (Keluhan Fasilitas Gedung Pemda [sekolah, kantor]): 3,008 reports


 July–September 2023 report category data

 July–September 2023 report category data

Source: crm.jakarta.go.id/data-bulanan


13 Official CRM Complaint Channels

Reporting issues encountered is one way to make Jakarta a better place. Want to contribute? It's easy! Here are the 13 official complaint channels in CRM that you can use:


2. Twitter @DKIJakarta

3. Facebook Pemprov DKI Jakarta

  1. E-mail dki@jakarta.go.id

  1. Governor's or Vice Governor's Personal Social Media

  1. SMS/WhatsApp 08111272206

  1. City Hall

  1. Inspectorate Office

  1. Mayor's Office

  1. District Office

  1. Sub-district Office

  1. Mass Media Public Aspirations 

13. LAPOR! 1708


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Let's work together to make Jakarta a more comfortable city! Don't forget to follow the social media accounts @cepatresponjktand @jsclabfor further information on reporting issues in Jakarta.

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