15 Mar 2024

Quick Response to Flood Reports in January-February

by:Muhammad Raedyan Kahfi

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

15 Mar 2024

Hello Smartcitizen, who has been feeling a lot of cloudy and rainy weather lately? It turns out that we have started entering the rainy season. According to BMKG, peak rainy season 2024 in most parts of Indonesia is predicted to occur in January and February 2024. For its distribution, there are 385 Season Zones (ZOM) or 55.08 percent of areas that have this season.

When the rainy season arrives, flooding becomes a phenomenon that disrupts daily life. Proper and fast handling is needed so that activities can resume normally. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is committed to handling floods, through the Rapid Community Response (CRM) system various flood reports are integrated so that handling can be more effective and efficient. Here are the reports and action taken from January to February 2024.

Flood Report

Jumlah Laporan dan Pelapor

During the January-February 2024 period, reports of flooding reached 1,218 reports with 491 reporters. Graphically, the reports have increased from 585 reports in January to 633 reports in February.

Reporters also increased, from 239 in January to 292 in February with an average number per month of 609 reports. This shows an increase in rainfall and flood conditions in the field.

In reporting, residents mostly report through the JAKI application channel as many as 666 reports, X channel of 513 reports and email channel of 13 reports.

Action on Reports

Persentase Laporan

The number of completed reports in the January-February period reached 1,185 reports out of a total of 1,218 incoming reports with a percentage of completed reports of 97.3%.

The average time taken to complete a report is about 2 days and 54 hours with the fastest completion in 1 hour.

Reports Puddles

Entering the rainy season, of course we must prepare, one way is by being ready to report puddles that interfere with travel. Report it through 13 integrated complaint channels:

  1. JAKI
  2. X Dkijakarta
  3. Facebook DKI Jakarta Provincial Government
  4. E-mail dki@jakarta.go.id
  5. Governor or Vice Governor’s personal social media
  6. SMS/WhatsApp 08111272206
  7. City Hall Building
  8. Inspectorate Office
  9. Mayor’s Office
  10. Sub-district Office
  11. Sub-district Office
  12. Public Aspiration Through Mass Media
  13. LAPOR! 1708
Persentase Laporan
Sesudah Tindak Lanjut

Take a busway ride around the city, don’t forget to enjoy the view. Let’s take care of Jakarta together, by reporting every problem! Don’t forget to follow JSC and CRM’s social media to get more report handling info from officers.


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