21 Jun 2021

All About Zoning System in PPDB Jakarta


Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

21 Jun 2021

The public school enrollment (PPDB) for the 2021/2022 academic year may still leave a bit of  confusion among parents or guardians of students who want to register their children, or for prospective new students (CPBD) who want to register themselves. Mainly around the PPDB selection or registration pathway. Based on Governor Regulation Number 32 of 2021, there are four selection pathways in this year’s PPDB Jakarta, one of which is the Zoning System Pathway.

The Zoning System is a PPDB registration pathway that is intended for children who live within the zoning area that has been determined by taking into account the distribution of schools, data on the domicile distribution of prospective students, and the capacity of the school's capacity which is adjusted to the availability of the number of school-age children at each level in the school in each area.

In short, registration for the Jakarta PPDB Zoning Pathway is determined by the distance from the domicile of the CPBD to their intended school. To check the list of school zones in DKI Jakarta that can be selected, you can see them in the document provided at the following link

Zoning System Quotas 

In the implementation of PPDB this year, the zoning system was opened for registration at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. For elementary school (SD), the following is the quotas for the first stage of PPDB:

a. Affirmation System with a quota of 25%;

b. Zoning System with a quota of 73%; and

c. Parent and Child Teacher Duties Transfer System with a quota of 2%.

If there is still a quota remaining, then the second stage of selection will be carried out through the Zoning System based on the location of the CPDB's domicile compared to the village-based zone.

Then, for PPDB for Junior High (SMP) and Senior High (SMA) levels, the distribution of quotas consists of:

a. Academic Achievement System with a quota of 18%;

b. Non-academic Achievement System with a quota of 5%;

c. Affirmation System with a quota of 25%;

d. Zoning System with a quota of 50%; and

e. Parent and Child Teacher's Task Transfer System with a quota of 2%.

Unlike the Elementary level, if there is a remaining quota for the Junior and Senior High levels, a selection will be carried out through the Academic Achievement System in the second stage of PPDB.

Zoning System Selection Conditions

There are several priority zones that you must pay attention to when registering the PPDB Zoning Pathway.

a. First priority zone

This priority zone applies to CPBD with the same domicile RT (neighborhood) as the RT of the school location

b. Second priority zone

This priority zone applies if the RT of the CPDB’s domicile is directly adjacent to or intersects with the RT of the school location

c. Third priority zone

This priority zone is based on the same CPDB domicile village and or adjacent to the intended school’s village.

Smartcitizen, if the CPDB who registers through the Zoning Path exceeds the capacity, then the selection is carried out in the following sequence of steps:

a. Age from oldest to youngest;

b. CPDB school choice; and

c. Registration time.

Keep Up-to-date with PPDB Information

So with that, we hope that all your worries and confusions in the PPDB process are answered properly. You can get more information from the official PPDB Jakarta at ppdb.jakarta.go.idor PPDB Jakarta's official social media accounts on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

You can also use the JAKI appto monitor and get reminders of the latest news about PPDB Jakarta. JAKI will accompany you to find various PPDB information through the JAVA chatbot feature and the JakWarta feature. If you still don't have JAKI on your smartphone, download JAKI on Play Store or App Storenow!

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