19 Aug 2021

How To Report Vaccination Data Problems Through CRM

by:Amira Sofa

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

19 Aug 2021

Smartcitizen, for those of you who got your Covid-19 vaccination doses, have you received your certificate? Basically, all people who have been vaccinated for either dose 1 or dose 2 will receive a vaccination certificate. You can access this certificate via the link on the SMS that you will receive from 1199 or the PeduliLindungi.id application/website. However, usually there are several obstacles that result in people not getting their certificates. What are the obstacles? What to do if you haven’t got your certificate? Find out more in the following article. 

First, Check Your Vaccination Certificate in PeduliLindungi

There are two possibilities if you have not received a certificate. It is either your data has not been entered or the vaccination certificate has not been issued. The Jakarta Provincial Government can help you if your data is not yet entered. To find out exactly which problems you are experiencing, it is recommended for you to check the vaccination certificate in the PeduliLindungi application or website. These are the steps. 

  1. Open the PeduliLindungi application or website (pedulilindungi.id)
  2. Click “di sini” on the “Cek Sertifikat Anda di Sini” that located in the upper middle part of the main page

  1. Fill in the required information like your full name (Nama Lengkap), identity number (NIK), date of birth (Tanggal Lahir), date of vaccination (Tanggal Vaksin), and type of vaccine (Jenis Vaksin). Check the column “I’m Not A Robot” for verification and then click ‘Periksa’. 

  1. If the certificate is not available and there is no date of vaccination, your data is not yet entered and you can report this problem to the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Reporting Problems Through Jakarta’s CRM 

For data that is not yet being entered, you can solve this particular certification problem by reporting it through one of Jakarta’s Citizen Relation Management (CRM) channels, which is the official e-mail address of the Jakarta Provincial Government at dki@jakarta.go.id. For more detail, you can follow the steps below. 

  1. Send an email to dki@jakarta.go.id 
  2. Write the subject of the email with format: SertifikatVaksin_(Full Name). One identity is only for one email. 
  3. Write or attach this following information or documents inside the email:
  4. Full name;
  5. ID card number;
  6. Phone number;
  7. E-mail address;
  8. Location and date of vaccination;
  9. Vaccine type;
  10. Vaccine batch number;
  11. Screenshot of your Vaccine Certificate Status in PeduliLindungi.id;
  12. Picture of ID Card; and
  13. Picture of a Vaccination Card that shows personal data and vaccination status. 

After receiving the email, the Jakarta Provincial Government will help you re-enter the vaccination data for dose 1 to PCare. 

However, if the problem you are experiencing is the unissued vaccination certificate, which is indicated by the absence of the certificate on PeduliLindungi but with the presence of the vaccination date, the Jakarta Provincial Government cannot help you in fixing this particular problem. This is because a vaccination certificate can only be issued by PeduliLindungi. If you experience this problem, please contact PeduliLindungi's official channels to report it. If you have questions about other vaccination problems, you can contact @JSCLabor @DKIJakartaon social media. 

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