17 Jun 2022

Art Events in Jakarta Hajatan, Everyone is Invited!

by:Teresa Simorangkir

Editor:Ramdan Malik Batubara, Aditya Gagat Hanggara

17 Jun 2022

Are you an art enthusiast? If the answer is yes, then let’s get ready! This month will be full of many art events in conjunction with the Jakarta Hajatan celebration. Prepare yourself and see what’s currently happening in Jakarta!

Celebrating Jakarta’s 495th Anniversary at Taman Ismail Marzuki

Public transportation access: Cikini Station, Transjakarta 5M (Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang via Cikini), Transjakarta 6H (Lebak Bulus-Senen).

A golden yellow shoe on a charcoal will instantly grab your attention as we enter the Annex Gallery at Taman Ismail Marzuki. This installation by Dwi Rustanto’s is one of the 40 works of participating artists in the “Betawi Masa Kini, Masa Gitu?!” exhibition. Taking place on June 3-12 2022, this exhibition organized by Kilau Art Studio in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Jakarta, is part of the Bulan Seni Rupa (Month of Arts) agenda to celebrate Jakarta Hajatan, Jakarta’s 495th anniversary celebration.

Upstairs, we can enjoy the two works that are hung on the walls of the stairs, something unique at Taman Ismail Marzuki after three years of revitalization. Here, we’ll see the sculpture art made by Dida Natalsya, the children of the legendary artist Amrus Natalsya, who’s loyal to his woodcutting medium and technique. Titled as “Acculturation”, it’s a sculpture that describes a Betawi bride and groom who are influenced by Chinese and Arabic culture. A reflection on the Indonesians who ancested from Yunnan migrants in South China, then acculturated with Arab and Indian traders and European colonizers in the course of time, including the Betawi ethnicity in Jakarta.

Photo: Exhibition E-Catalog

 In the painting Together with Us, Rhafika Adelia records two traditions of the Betawi people, nyambat (people coming together to help each other) and nyorong (delivering food to each other during big holidays). With bright colors on the canvas, the Visual Communication Design student from Mercu Buana University from Baturaja, South Sumatra, depicts the community of local people in Jakarta in the midst of the city’s individualism.

Not only the romanticism of the Betawi ethnicity, Jakarta’s problems also surfaced in this exhibition. Hagung Sihag, for example, painted a puppet clown character, Petruk, running with a red cross-eyed fish. In a black and white painting entitled “Ecology Jangan Lupa Yee” (Don't Forget The Ecology), the Visual Communication Design lecturer at Bina Nusantara University is concerned about waste.

“Petruk saw Jakarta with a river full of trash all the way to Pulau Seribu, sent by people from the mainland Jakarta. The islanders and their habitats are polluted with plastic waste, styrofoam, and others,” he said. 

In the exhibition which is going to be held until June 30, 2022, on the second floor of Gedung Panjang Taman Ismail Marzuki, you’ll be fascinated by Bambang Win’s expressive sculpture made of fiberglass, “Balap Karung”.

On the first floor, the Betawi Al Quran Mushaf will catch our eyes. The Word of God is written in Arabic, but decorated with a typical Betawi patterned frame like gambang kromong.

JIExpo Music Concert, JIExpo Kemayoran

Public transportation access: Kemayoran Station, Kemayoran Landas Pacu Timur Bus Stop, JIExpo Kemayoran Bus Stop (only available during Jakarta Fair).

Pekan Raya Jakarta or Jakarta Fair is widely known for its shopping events and big discounts. Not only shopping, we’re also usually greeted with entertainment events and exhibitions. However, this year, something big is cooking! There’ll be a big music concert at JIExpo! Referred to as the longest concert, a bunch of Indonesian musicians like Endah N Rhesa, NOAH, Jason Ranti, MALIQ & D'Essentials will be performing on the stage, ready to jazz up Jakarta Hajatan. The concert will be held on June 9 to July 17, and tickets will be available online at jakartafair.co.id. Be on the lookout for the latest updates and follow @jakartafairidon Instagram!

Konser +Jakarta, Teater Besar Taman Ismail Marzuki

 Public transportation access: Cikini Station, Transjakarta 5M (Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang via Cikini), Transjakarta 6H (Lebak Bulus-Senen).

Titled Tenteram Jiwa Dalam Suara, Teater Besar Taman Ismail Marzuki will be surrounded by the serene voices from Indonesian musicians, Saturday, June 11, 2022. As described in the @plusjakartaInstagram account, this music agenda is hoped to reconcile hearts through music, taking you to get to know yourself, to appreciate, and to love yourself. If you’ve been meaning to take a pause in the middle of the hustle and bustle, try to come here.

Jakarta Punya Cerita, Hotel Borobudur

Public transportation access: Pasar Baru Transjakarta Bus Stop, Juanda Station.

Still in the spirit of Jakarta Hajatan, Hotel Borobudur has been holding a celebration named Jakarta Punya Cerita earlier this June. This theme is a manifestation of the Hotel Borobudur spirit to preserve Jakarta’s culture. If you’re here, pay attention to the lobby space that immediately welcomes you with elegant and luxurious decorations of old Betawi style. The celebration is also expected to accommodate art and cultural activists to showcase their work, as well as to support local products. During the exhibition, Hotel Borobudur also holds other art activities such as Art Seminar & Workshop on June 12, 2022 and will be closed with an Art Competition themed Hotel Borobudur and the City of Jakarta on June 17, 2022.

That’s the art events in Jakarta Hajatan agenda to celebrate this year! Although we’re very close to the new normal, don’t forget to keep wearing your mask, keep a safe distance from other people, and bring hand sanitizer with you to stay safe. Have a happy celebration, Smartcitizen!

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