23 Jul 2021

5 Facts about Vaccine Cars in Jakarta

by:Teresa Simorangkir

Editor:Aditya Gagat Hanggara

23 Jul 2021

As we step into the Q3 of 2021, the Covid-19 vaccination program is intensively rolling out to the greater area of Jakarta. Currently, the Jakarta Provincial Government is targeting as many as 8 million Jakarta citizens to get their vaccination dose. This target is narrowed down by planning for 100,000 vaccines per day in Jakarta. To accelerate this program, vaccine cars are launched for Jakarta citizens. The vaccine cars that operate from morning to afternoon will be on the move in Jakarta areas according to a predetermined schedule. Have you experienced getting your vaccine dose in one of these vaccine cars?

Get a Closer Look At the Vaccine Cars


Mobile vaccine cars were officially launched at the City Hall on July 8, 2021. A total of 16 mobile vaccine cars will be rolling out to distribute vaccines throughout Jakarta, along with the complete crews on duty. The mobile vaccine cars are the result of collaboration with the Jakarta Experience Board and various stakeholders.

These cars will visit areas across Jakarta and facilitate the vaccination process starting at 8 in the morning. The schedule and location of the vaccine cars are updated daily through JakWarta on JAKI and Jakarta Smart City social media. If you intend to get your vaccine dose in one of these cars, you’re advised to register yourself first through JAKI. This is necessary because the stock of vaccines carried by vaccine cars is limited and the quota is adjusted according to the number of doses to be given per day. Currently, the vaccines distributed are using the Sinovac vaccine.

[Hassle-Free Covid-19 Vaccines Registration via JAKI]

Get the Vaccine Cars Daily Schedule via JakWarta

If you’ve been using JAKI for a while, chances are you’re already familiar with JakWarta. Yup, it’s the official information center from the Jakarta Provincial Government that provides all information about Jakarta. All information regarding the vaccine cars will be sent out to you through your phone every day at around 8 am.

Additionally, the vaccine cars schedule is also disseminated daily through the Jakarta Smart City InstagramFacebook, and Twitteraccounts. Be on the lookout for more upcoming schedules!

How to Register for Mobile Vaccinations?

Through JAKI, of course! First thing first, make sure you already have JAKI on your smartphone. If you don't have it yet, get it on the Google Play Storeor App Store. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Covid-19 Vaccination Registration banner

  1. Fill in your ID number and full name. Registrants aged 12-17 can see the ID number on the Family Card.
  2. For participants at the mobile vaccine car, enter the code given by the officer in the column provided

  1. Fill in your identity info, address, category of vaccine recipients, and vaccination schedule and location
  2. Fill in the pre-screening form and download the results along with the vaccination card. Print them and you must bring both of these cards during the vaccination process.

One thing to note, the queue for JAKI registrants is available at the beginning of operational time. So, make sure you arrive at the location at 8 am. Besides JAKI, you can also register for vaccinations through vaksinasi-corona.jakarta.go.id. This entire vaccination process is free of charge, so go share the words with the people around you!

Can I Get My Covid-19 Vaccine With the Vaccine Car?

Jakartans are certainly the main target of the vaccine cars. But, it’s not limited to them only. If you live somewhere around the suburban areas of Jakarta, you can take advantage of the vaccine cars as well. In addition, those aged 12 years and over are allowed to get their Covid-19 vaccine dose with vaccine cars. So, if you have younger siblings or know anyone who needs to be vaccinated, please let them know about this program! All in all, anyone who lives in Jakarta, whether they’re registered as Jakarta citizens or not, deserves the same chance to get involved in the vaccination car. With the operation of these mobile vaccine cars, it’s hoped that access to the Covid-19 vaccine will be easier to reach everybody anytime and anywhere.

Collaborators Behind Mobile Vaccine Cars

The operation of these vaccine cars cannot be separated from the supportive collaborators behind it. Out of a total of 16 unit mobile vaccine cars, 5 of them came from the Jakarta Provincial Government, 3 cars from Jakarta Metropolitan Police, 3 cars from Jakarta Military Command (Kodam Jaya), 3 cars from PT Magenta Media Tama, and 2 cars from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The entire effort to make this program a success is also thanks to the collaboration with Indonesian Retailers Association, Indonesian Employers Association, Indonesia Commercial Tenant Association, and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

If you’ve been vaccinated for Covid-19, thank you! Hopefully, it will end these hard times soon. Those who have only received your first jab, make sure to keep yourself up to date for the second dose process. Lastly, you, who are still looking for the Covid-19 vaccination, hope these vaccine cars will be the answer to your good endeavor!

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